Behind every great send, there's a great belayer.
The GRIGRI 2 helps the belayer work in unison with the climber.

The climber, at any level, needs to be able to concentrate on his/her moves and rhythm. The belayer's actions should not interfere with progression: when he/she accelerates, pulls up slack to clip, etc.

The design of the GRIGRI 2 makes belaying easier. The belay technique is identical to classic belay technique, and the assisted braking capability facilitates arresting falls.

The new GRIGRI2 builds on the success of the first GRIGRI, which helped revolutionize sport climbing over the last 20 years. Besides being smaller and lighter, this latest version has been designed to work with the thinner ropes that many climbers are using today. It also features a new design that allows for smoother lowering.



Major strengths and new features

Compatible with single ropes between 8.9 and 11 mm

The new GRIGRI2 can be used with almost any single dynamic rope. Whether you are working a route with a thicker rope or trying to send your hard test piece using a skinny cord, the GRIGRI 2 will perform optimally.


Progressive descent control system
The new progressive descent control system in the GRIGRI 2 is specially designed to offer smooth, even lowering action - there's a larger 'sweet spot' when lowering a climber or rappelling.


20% lighter and 25% more compact
Weighing in at only 185 grams and noticeably more compact than the older version, you won't have to think twice about carrying the GRIGRI 2 on your next climbing adventure.



GRIGRI 2 video presentation

The climbers of Team Petzl introduce its new features and major strengths, and Steve McClure explains how he belays with the GRIGRI 2.

This video in : english français italian. spanish. german.japanese


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