The 64th congress of the International Commission for Mountain Rescue took place in Krynica, Poland, October 2-7, 2012. For the event, more than 400 mountain rescue professionals from around the world gathered to discuss and share techniques, knowledge, and equipment for improving the effectiveness of mountain rescue.

Lectures and technical workshops to enrich the profession

Every year, alternating conferences and workshops add depth to this international meeting with the primary goal of education.
Participants were able to discuss, in various sub-committees, subjects including ground and avalanche rescue, emergency medicine, and arial rescue.

IKAR/CISA évacuation tyrolienne obliqueIKAR/CISA démonstration hélicoptère

Technical workshops the main focues of the meeting

The Polish rescue team GOPR proposed multiple days of field demonstrations to test equipment and new techniques.

IKAR/CISA évacuation télécabineThis year's program :

- Casualty evacuation from a quarry

- Zip line evacuation 

- Helicopters and mountain rescue

- Ski lift and gondola evacuation






IKAR/CISA stand PetzlAt this event, AMC s.j., Petzl distributor in Poland, presented the new products for mountain rescue: The ULTRA VARIO and ULTRA RUSH headlamps, the new version of the NEST and its tilting device STEF, and also the new versions of the BASIC and CROLL rope grabs and SPIRIT carabiners.


The next meeting of IKAR CISA will convene in Bol (Isle of Brac), Croatia. The dates have not yet been announced.



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