Volunteers and workers from the Red Hook Initiative hand out over 100 PIXA headlamps to those affected by Hurricane Sandy

In late October, 2012, Hurricane Sandy plowed into the northeastern United States, flooding coastal areas, destroying homes, disabling transportation infrastructure, and leaving millions without heat and power for days. Over 100 people lost their lives as a result of the storm.

When such disasters strike, communities pull together and people help each other. Sandy hit the area of Red Hook, Brooklyn, particularly hard. Luckily, the Red Hook Initiative community center, an award-winning organization dedicated to promoting social change, had a robust network of communications and volunteers in place, allowing them to offer help quickly and effectively to those most impacted by the storm. 

Through a chain of connections, Petzl America learned of the Red Hook Initiative's disaster relief work and was moved to help. Petzl provided over 100 PIXA headlamps to assist those who were left without power. The Red Hook Initiative distributed these in three different locations: Red Hook; Far Rockaway, Queens; and Broad Channel, Queens. 

"The headlamps were used for household clean-up, climbing dark stairs and searching for valuables, amongst other things,"  wrote J.B. Afoh-Manin, a lawyer who assisted in the relief effort. 

Petzl's gesture was a small one compared to the scope of the disaster and the efforts of the many volunteers working with Red Hook Initiative and other organizations across the Northeast. We wish to express our humble respect and gratitude for all the hardship that was endured and good work that was done. Our hearts go out to those affected by the tragedy.


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