The first Petzl RopeTrip is organized in our training center, next door from the headquarters. It is a great opportunity for the participants to visit the factory and to be involved in an original challenge and socialize with workers from other countries.

25 teams from all around the world have registered and travelled to participate to the week-end based on exchange and a friendly competition. Sylvain Borie and his crew from Episur, have been working hard to prepare the rigging and the technical side of the event.

Petzl RopeTrip 2012
Rigging of the tyrolean by EPISUR

Arriving since this morning, (some drove from Russia), the teams can pitch their tent around the factory parking lot. Many countries are represented with workers coming from Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom and even Singapour. A total of 75 competitors are ready for the challenge.

Petzl RopeTrip 2012
Petzl parking lot is now a campground!

Right after registration, all the participants go through a PPE checking with our inhouse experts, to check that all their equipment is ok. Depending of their country of origin, it is clear that the workers have different techniques to evolve on ropes.

Petzl RopeTrip 2012
PPE checking before training

Then it's time for some training on the different stations. The judges explain how it is going to work and the workers can train on each station. Saturday will be the qualification day and everyone will be ready to give its best.

Petzl RopeTrip 2012
 Judges explain the tasks

Qualifications rounds will be on three individual and one collective task. The first task will be to rescue an 80 kg dummy stuck inside in confined space, in the dark and with a strong noisy fan on!!! 

Petzl RopeTrip 2012
A victim, stuck in the silo, waits for rescue

Second task will be to nail different pieces of a giant overhanging puzzle reprensenting the poster of the event.

Petzl RopeTrip 2012
Poster puzzle to complete

Third individual task will be to carry a bucket full of water, up the 25m external pylon, across by tyrolean to the chimney and back down to the ground, then the bucket will be placed on a scale to measure the spill.

Petzl RopeTrip 2012
A participant on the tyrolean.

The team task will be regroup the workers by trio. Then will organise a rigging with a limited amound of equipment. The goal is to hoist a 100kg load, tranlate it to ring a bell and very precisely lower it on a target. Preparation, communication and precision will be the necessary skills to perform quickly and efficiently the task.

Petzl RopeTrip 2012

Petzl RopeTrip 2012


Sunday will hold the finals with the best teams. The winning team will go home with the special trophy, a unique Petzl bell casted for the event. More reports to come, photos will be posted throughout the event on our Facebook page


Petzl RopeTrip 2012








Please send me information about the events on USA. I will like to participate. Thanks

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