The new version of the GRILLON work positioning lanyard can be used in double or single modes.
It can be adapted to address different situations encountered in the field.

Check out the video, which demonstrates the new features that make the GRILLON lanyard so versatile:

  • All GRILLON models are equipped with a handle
  • The protective sheath is now removable

GRILLON positioning lanyard video



Positioning lanyards are used for building work stations. They must be used with a fall arrest system. The ability to precisely adjust the length of the lanyard allows the user to position him/herself comfortably depending on the configuration of the work station.

More information

For more information, consult the complete GRILLON product information file (full product description, certification, technical notice, etc.). The GRILLON work positioning lanyard is available in 3 versions:

  1. Lanyard without connector,
  2. Lanyard with the HOOK connector,
  3. Lanyard with the MGO wide-opening connector.