Crampons LYNX

From snow couloirs to dry tooling, the LYNX is a versatile crampon.

Modular front points allow for many options: dual or mono-point, long or short, and/or asymmetrical.

They come with two types of interchangeable front bindings to adapt to boots with or without toe welts.

LYNX : bi ou mono-pointe

Easily switch between mono or dual front points.

LYNX : longueur des pointes ajustables

Adjust point length to suit the terrain.

LYNX : adaptés aux chaussures avec ou sans débords avant

Compatible with any boot with heel welts.


Multiple configurations for versatile performance

Glacier travel

LYNX :deplacement sur glacier et neige

FlexLock toe binding for softer boots without toe welts (for easier walking),

Dual front points in long position for maximum traction.

Mixed climbing

LYNX : escalade mixte

WireLock metal toe bails for boot with toe welts,

Asymmetric dual front points for more precise and ergonomic placements on mixed terrain.

Ice climbing

LYNX : cascade de glace

WireLock binding for boots with a front toe welt,

Long mono-points for maximum precision while reducing ice displacement.


Video: introducing the LYNX

The Petzl team try out the LYNX in the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

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