Crampons LYNX

From snow couloirs to dry tooling, the LYNX is a versatile crampon.

Modular front points allow for many options: dual or mono-point, long or short, and/or asymmetrical.

They come with two types of interchangeable front bindings to adapt to boots with or without toe welts.

LYNX : bi ou mono-pointe

Easily switch between mono or dual front points.

LYNX : longueur des pointes ajustables

Adjust point length to suit the terrain.

LYNX : adaptés aux chaussures avec ou sans débords avant

Compatible with any boot with heel welts.


Multiple configurations for versatile performance

Glacier travel

LYNX :deplacement sur glacier et neige

FlexLock toe binding for softer boots without toe welts (for easier walking),

Dual front points in long position for maximum traction.

Mixed climbing

LYNX : escalade mixte

WireLock metal toe bails for boot with toe welts,

Asymmetric dual front points for more precise and ergonomic placements on mixed terrain.

Ice climbing

LYNX : cascade de glace

WireLock binding for boots with a front toe welt,

Long mono-points for maximum precision while reducing ice displacement.


Video: introducing the LYNX

The Petzl team try out the LYNX in the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

For best viewing results, select the 720p mode and click on the Full Screen button.
Having issues playing the video? Try here:


More information



what crampons to choose from

Hi, If I'm going to buy one pair of crampons for multipurpose use, from mountaineering to iceclimbing, is Lynx the model to choose then?

Answer : what crampons to choose from

Hello Victor,

Indeed the Lynx would be the model for such multipurpose use, you would surely appreciate the possibility to move forward or backward the front points, forward for more contact in hard ice. backward for less drag on classic, snow terrain. The possibility to switch to monopoint will also be interesting for climbing steep ice.


Hi, I was just wondering how

I was just wondering how well the Lynx would work with less rigid B2 boots like the Scarpa Charmoz.
Many thanks


Hello James,

No problem, the Lynx will fit perfectly on the Scarpa Charmoz. Scarpa Charmoz also fit perfectly on Sarken Leverlock. Thank you for your participation on our website.


What materials and manufacturing method are the points?
I guess the rest of the crampons is made out of forged CroMo (hot or cold?)
Fibre reinforced acetal in the front (orange).
Stainless hardware (I hope!)
Aluminium front spacers.

I still have my old Charlet Super-12 but this may be their retirement package!

Boots I use: Scarpa Charmoz, Salomon Super Mountain Guide, Sportiva Batura.

Re: Materials?


We don't communicate on the precise materials used to manufacture our products.

What we can tell you is that :

- front points are made of lost wax process

- the crampons are made of high perfomrance steel.

The LYNX will fit the boots you use, no problem.

Re: Materials?


We don't communicate on the precise materials used to manufacture our products.

What we can tell you is that :

- front points are made of lost wax process

- the crampons are made of high performance steel.

The LYNX will fit the boots you use, no problem.

Dry tooling

Do you think the Lynx would work for dry tooling? I'm stuck where there aren't any mountains, so inbetween climbing trips I would like to dry tool with them.


Answer Dry Tooling


Yes you can the use the Lynx for drytooling. We would recommend mounting it in monopoint configuration.

thanks for your interest.


La Sportiva Trango S Evo

Will this crampon be suitable for La Sportiva Trango S Evo?

Re: La Sportiva Trango S Evo

Hello, no problem to fit your Trango S Evo with the LNX crampons. Thank you.

links w sidelock?

I was wondering if the lynx are offered with the sidelock option that the darts have? I have always been bothered by my back bail lever pushing on the back of my boots and causing discomfort on the back of my heal.

Re: links w sidelock?


We stopped the Sidelock binding system on our crampons range.

The binding system that should address your concern is the Spirlock, it's not available on the LYNX, but on the SARKEN and VASK crampons.

Thank you.


Are they compatible with La Sportiva Spantik?

Re Spantik

Hello AA,

Yes, of course the Lynx is compatible with the Spantik shoe.

Thanks for your participation.



Hello can the Lynx fit the garmont tower model 46 number (it requirs the L linking bar?) and if it will fit ski mountaineering boots?

Re: Fitting

Yes the Lynx will fit on a size 46 Garmont Tower with the use of the optional L linking bar. The crampons can also be fitted on a ski mountaineering boot.

Thank you for your participation and enjoy the ski season.


Front points

Hi, im wondering if there are spare front points available for the Lynx crampon.

RE:Front points


Indeed the front points are available as spare parts for the Lynx crampons.

The reference is T24850


Which toe piece

I usa La Sportiva Nepals and wonder if it is problem using the flexible front toe instead of the bail wire. For some reason I like the extra security of the strap going through the toe also. However to fit right, I would have to grind down a bit of the side of the boot. Do you think this is an issue?

Also I have notice that when using with the above boot and dual points when looking at the front centerline of the boot/crampon the points are not symetric does that make sense.


Re:Which toe piece

Hello Charlie,

Yes you can choose the flexible front toe instead of the bailwire, it's not an issue if you grind a little the side of the shoe. It's not a problem for the front points.
Thanks for your support.

Advantage compared to other stainless crampons


Could you please advise regarding the advantage of the Lynx compare to other stainless crampons in terms of wear on rocks? I have other stainless steel crampons that had a very short life while being used on rocks. That was very disappointing.

Petzl do not provide much of information about the materials of the Lynx. Nevertheless could you describe if and how better your materials last compare to other technical crampons?



Hello Eli,

The carbon steel of our crampons is still made with the historic Charlet composition, which has prooved to be highly resitant to wear.

Thank you for your interest.


Hi, are those flexible toe pieces for the Lynx offered as spare parts? Or will they be?

rgds, jeus

Re Spareparts

Hello Jeus,

Sorry but the flexible Toe piece is not available as a spare part.


Fitting Lynx to Nepal EVO GTX Boots

When I fit my new Lynx crampons to my Nepal EVO GTX Boots (size 44), the frontpoints do not point straight off the toe, but instead angle inward significantly. Like this: // \\

Is this correct or is there something I can do to straighten the angle?


Hello Kurtz,

The crampon follows naturally the curve of the boot and is thus slightly inward, this is correct and it can be adjusted by moving one side of the toe bail in the different side holes.

Thank you for your interest.



I finally figured out that by flipping the link bar so it curves the "wrong" way the problem is corrected and the frontpoints are now straight. This made a significant difference when climbing WI4.



I am not able to find a retailer that has Lynx in stock. how can I buy ?




I am curious as to how much these would cost as well as where they may be sold.

I'd like to see them in person, if possible.



Hello Troy,

Us pricing is around $245.00, we're sorry but the product is out of stock actually, please contact your local retailer to be informed of future availability.

Thank you for your interest.


For high altitude

What toe configuration would be best at
High altitude and I notice that front points
are not centered on my millet everest
boots is this a problem or just leave them?
my m10's seem to be cambered to off
set and be straight. Front points also
look to be best at short adjustment for
my application?



The crampon follows naturally the curve of the boot and is thus slightly inward, this is correct and it can be adjusted by moving one side of the toe bail in the different side holes. The toe configuration depends on the type of terrain that you will encounter and of your experience with those different configuration. We would recommend that you try out the different possibilities to suit your need on practice terrain before heading out in altitude.

Thank you for your interest




Seems that Lynx are the ultimate tool! ;-)

Why should I replace my M10 for these new Lynx? Pro-cons?

Thank you!



am new to crampons but need fr a mountaineering course off seattle and then to aconcagua this winter.

would like to know which is the best crampon to buy fr all type of shoes.
will the lynx work and so also the sarken leverlock.



The choice of crampons depends on many factors, your skill, your shoes, and your chosen activities. For choosing the right binding please consult :

In general for choosing crampons we recommend to go to a retail shop with your shoes and try the different model, if possible rent a pair to test them on the field to make the right choice.

Crampons/Telemark Boots


I'm thinking about getting the Petzl Lynx Modular Crampons and I have a couple questions.

- If I use the crampons with the toe bail wires, do you think the bill on the front of my telemark ski boots will fit well?

- Do you think this modular design will be used in other Petzl crampons? I've always wondered why manufacturers haven't made crampons that can adapt to the many different styles of boots.



RE : Crampons/Telemark Boots

Hello Joe,
You need to buy a Telemark Toe Bail that will fit on the Lynx crampons : ref T03 600
contact the petzl distributor in your country to find a stocked dealer :

LYNX, modular crampon for ice and mixed climbing | Petzl

Hi mates, good piece of writing and fastidious arguments commented here, I am in fact enjoying by these.



IS the lynx also good for walking on big mountains, for example on Finsteraarhorn?

Thank You

RE lynx

The Lynx is a technical crampon for ice cand mixte climbing, if you look for a crampon only for mountain walking we would advise Vasak or Irvis.

Lynx for walking

Could you elaborate on your answer please?
I will be buying my first pair of crampons. I use the crampons more for walking, but I plan on learning/trying ice climbing and perhaps doing a very high summit in a few years. I very much like the versatility of Lynx's hybrid/step-in. It is more expensive, but comes with the pouch and could be the only pair of crampons I would need. Could you explain why I would be better off with vasak/irvis for walking and easier routes. You can go as technical as you want, I would like to understand.
Thank you

Re : Lynx for walking

Hello Charles.

If your activity is going to be only walking on glacier and snow then the Irvis or Vasaks will be perfect, because they are lighter, the front points are smaller, and offer less resistance when walking, the front points are also in horizontal and will provide better support in snow.

The more technical crampons are heavier, more rigid, have sharper and longer front point for anchoring in hard Ice.

Looking at your perspective to go out ice climbing, this would be a key point to choose the Lynx as it performs much better in Ice.

We sincerely hope these fact provide answers to your question.


points are not centered

Hi Kurtz

I have very same problem as few my friends.
I have Sportiva Nepal Evo (46) and Spantik (46.5), front points are not on center. I can adjust front mount to use different holes but this is changing nothing.

In my opinion only if we have straight crampon link bar this will solve the issue.

Can the lynx be used on the

Can the lynx be used on the scarpa vega with just the flexible front strap or is it necessary to replace them with the wire bail??

RE : Can the lynx be used on the

Both can possibly work, but a correct adjustment of the boot on the crampons must be checked in details according to the technical notice of the crampons.


Same here, also a size 46 in my boots.
You can solve the problem by flipping the link bar. The Lynx is higly asymmetric in both the bar and the front piece. flipping the bar leaves enough curve on larger boots.
Not sure what petzl thinks about that though. Still, the advice to move the front bail to different holes doesn't change anything on bigger boots. A straight bar might be the best solution. I hope we will see that at some point for the big footed Lynx Owners.

Thanx for that in advance ;-)

Frontpoints turned in


That's an interesting idea. I'll give it a try next winter. I've somewhat gotten used to the frontpoints being turned in but I suspect that this will become a problem as I begin to climb harder, more vertical ice (WI 4+). I don't think I'm getting a clean "kick".

Best Petzl crampon

Hi, I've a Koflach mountaineering boots US9.5, and plan to do Island Peak on Nepal and Aconcágua on Argentina, what crampon do you suggest ?

Re : Best Petzl crampon

Hello Paul,

We would recommend a pair of Sarken crampons.


Lynx and Rebel ultra gtx

How can I use the lynx crampons with the toe bail wires with my Rebel ultra gtx boots??? It seems that the toe bail wires are too big for this boots, is there another size for the toe bail wires???
Thanks in advance

Re Lynx and Rebel ultra gtx


Please check in the technical notice all the details for adjusting your crampons. If you have a doubt

please contact your local Petzl Dealer for assistance on the adjustment of the crampons.


telemark NTN boots

I've got Lynx and I'm so happy about them I've made my friends buy that.

I can't use these crampons with my telemark NTN boots Scarpa TX pro.
The boot stops while entering front toe bail wire after the dynafit fronts inserts because it's too large.
there's like 1cm before front wire limit and it can't fix.

do you know if with Telemark Toe Bail ref T03 600 could it work?

please note NTN telemark is not old school 75mm telemark, they have different bindings.

thank you

Re: telemark NTN boots

We’re selling a Telemark binding accessory but we can not garantee that i twill match correctly your shoes type. We recomand you to try it before buying it.

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