From 1945 to 2013, Sweden has hosted the legendary international orienteering race, 10MILA.
This year, take a look at video clips of the race from 1963 to 2013! 

10MILA, a historic race

10MILA - Sweden

This year, 10MILA took place in Upplands-Bro (near Stockholm) from May 3-5, 2013. Since 1945, Sweden had been hosting this orienteering race each and every year, placing the event among the most popular internationally (with the exception of 1962, when the race was canceled due to a severe outbreak of jaundice).

Petzl and La Sportiva are the main sponsors of the men’s relay. Since the race starts at midnight, headlamps are an essential piece of gear to find one’s way on the 10MILA course. The NAO and ULTRA-RUSH were used in force that night and Petzl was proud to provide support to participants by checking over their gear.


From 1963 to 2013

We’re looking forward to 10MILA in Eksjö, Ränneslätt, Sweden, next year; in the meantime, enjoy watching a few moments from both the 2013 and the 1963 editions!


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