Team Petzl member Nina Caprez recently achieved one of her lifelong goals by sending Silbergeier in Rätikon, Switzerland. The extremely difficult and run-out multi-pitch route required lots of dedication and drive. Here, Nina discusses the details of her project.

Nina Caprez climbing Silbergeier - © Julien Nadiras

" In summer of 2011, I finally sent the mythic route Silgergeier, in the Rätikon - Switzerland. I had always dreamed about this extreme multipitch route, it was opened and free climbed in 1993 by Beat Kammerlander. We launched the project as a couple with my friend Cedric Lachat. It took me 5 days of hard work, I successfully clipped the last belay on the third ground up attempt. A 240 meters wall of pure limestone.
The movie Silgergeier shows all the beauty of the Rätikon and what this route is about. It also highlights the harmony of our climbing couple, all with a great sense of humor from the director Vladimir Cellier and stunning footage from Julien Nadiras.
Hope you'll like the film !"

 -- Nina Caprez



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Nina Caprez climbing Silbergeier - © Stefan Schlumpf - Visual Impact