02/16/2011 - More information on counterfeit Petzl products


Counterfeit Petzl products are not a new phenomenon.

Over the years, Petzl has discovered counterfeits or copies of several of its products:
- counterfeit headlamps with the Petzl logo, including headlamps from the TIKKA and MYO lines
- counterfeit copies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) without the Petzl logo, such as ASCENSION handled ascenders, the ASAP, etc.


February 2011: This is the first time Petzl discovered identical-looking counterfeit PPE products with the Petzl logo.

The four products we found do not meet our safety requirements and are potentially dangerous.

Counterfeit references are:

CROLL ascender (B16) ATTACHE locking carabiner (M35 SL) ASCENSION handled ascender (B17 R) – old, blue right-handed version RESCUE pulley (P50) – old version

To our knowledge, these are the only four Petzl products that we have found to be identical counterfeits. No other Petzl PPE products are concerned by identical counterfeits (with Petzl logo).

Attention :

  • An end-user will not be able to tell the difference between these counterfeits and authentic Petzl products (see below for more information)
  • They have serious quality, performance and safety problems.

For these reasons, Petzl decided to alert its end-users and begin legal action against the counterfeiters.


Petzl is fighting against counterfeiting

Over the past several years, Petzl has been fighting to stop the counterfeiting of our products. Our concern is for the safety and satisfaction of our end-users. These actions have enabled us to stop the illegal manufacture of our products.


How do you identify a genuine Petzl product?

 Download the decision tree: Is my Petzl product authentic? (553 ko pdf file)

Download this decision tree in spanish


How do I make sure that I am purchasing an authentic Petzl product?

To ensure that you have purchased authentic Petzl products, be sure to shop at an authorized Petzl dealer (link). If you are in doubt, contact the distributor in your country. You can find their contact information with the Petzl dealer locator.

Remarks :

  • Production of the old style blue right-handed ASCENSION ascender (B17 R) was stopped in 2009. The only version in production now is the ASCENSION B17 SRG,  B17 WRA, B17 WRN:


  • Production of the old version of RESCUE pulley (P50) was also stopped in 2009. The only version is production now is the RESCUE P50 A:


11/02/2011 - Petzl has recently discovered Chinese counterfeit versions of the following products:

Potentially Counterfeit Petzl Products


These counterfeit products have serious defects that affect their performance and strength. For example:

Broken Counterfeit Products

There is a significant risk that these counterfeit products could open or otherwise fail at low loads and under normal use:

  • These counterfeit products do not meet UIAA or CE safety standards.

  • These counterfeit products do not meet Petzl safety and quality requirements.


It will be very difficult for you to identify these fakes:

They have been reproduced in a way that makes them very difficult to identify. The following features have been reproduced nearly identically:

  • Design
  • Color
  • Product markings
  • Batch number
  • Instructions for use (down to the most minor details)
  • Packaging

Only an in-depth analysis allows us to identify these counterfeit products, due to minor differences in the tools used to produce them.


To date, only a few counterfeits have been found on the market, and thus far none in North America.


What can you do?

  • Only purchase from an authorized Petzl retailer to be sure that you are purchasing a genuine Petzl product.

  • If you have any doubt as to the authenticity of Petzl products, please help us and contact Petzl America at info@petzl.com or (877) 807-3805. For a list of Petzl retailers, please visit:
  • If the retailer from whom you purchased your equipment is not listed, please contact Petzl America at the email and phone number listed above.

Petzl is working hard to stop these counterfeits, which put users’ lives at risk, from reaching the market.






Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the heads up. Quit making climbing gear in China where this sort of thing is bound to happen. I won't be buying any gear from you or BD going forward.

What the hell is wrong with

What the hell is wrong with people like you? Reward corporate honesty with bitching and a promise to never buy from them again? Great lesson you're teaching there.

Personally, I can't see what else they could have done. These aren't defects in authorised products, they're total counterfeits which had nothing to do with Petzl. Twerp.

production sites

We produce these 4 products in France and in the USA.

Which your products ARE made

Which your products ARE made in China ?

Re: Which your products ARE made

Petzl production facility is composed of three sites in France and one site in Malaysia, all wholly owned and operated by Petzl. The aforementioned meets the same quality standards and workers' rights as our sites in France.

In terms of contract manufacturing, we work according to our quality standards: in Europe with exclusive partners, in China for the production of certain helmets and the purchase of specific supplies.

Is the counterfeit products (of China) exist in Indonesia?

I am a team leader of the Indonesian Volunteers, most of our gears for Vertical Rescue and other SAR campaigns on natural/man-made disasters are product of PETZL.

Should we found the conterfeit products (of China) where to can we inform?

Thank you, this is a very serious crime to endanger the victims and the Rescuers.


Answer from Petzl

Should you find couterfeit Petzl Product please inform our distributor in your country, ALLSPORTS EQUIPMENT, SINGAPORE, +65 6337 77 28,www.allsport.com.sg
Thank you for your support

Conterfeit products

Petzl must immediatly directly inform climbing and caving national association about the risks of conterfeit prducts.
Max Goldoni
SSI Italian Speleological Society

A few more questions...

Where exactly were these counterfeits found?

I hope criminal prosecution comes out of this...

It's one thing to counterfeit a Gap T-shirt.

But when lives are at stake, it's a whole new ballgame.

how about producing

how about producing exclusively in europe instead of china?
id be sorry to know that petzl also has become one of "those".....

Answer from Petzl

We produce these 4 products in France and in the USA.

presence of counterfeit versions of Petzl products

Petzl. This is very serious. Please implement the products registration to avoid this situation. (with serial number, for example).
I have purchased many PETZL products through Amazon, and now I have doubts about the quality of products.

I don't believe this is the

I don't believe this is the fault of Petzl, but why would you produce your high quality products in China in the first place?

because its cheaper

Companies produce stuff in China and other countries because it is cheaper. Otherwise WE (the consumers) would buy somewhere else. Let's admit it, we all want cheap stuff (and this doesn't just include climbing gear).

Answer from Petzl

We produce these 4 products in France and in the USA.

Presence of counterfeit versions

Visiting Petzl Stand at Expo-Protection Paris, I noticed a large schaffolding Hook MADE IN TAIWAN with Petzl Marking. They have shifted production over there and now are getting counterfeit versions of their products as every other Brand that has moved to China or Taiwan.
I think that,for a Company like Petzl, to move production in the Far-East is like failing the trust of all Petzl users.
Hope this lesson will make them come back to France !

Jorwin - let me get this

Jorwin - let me get this straight. You freely admit to purchasing products through a website that is known to offer cheap knock-off products and products with unverifiable history. Now, due to a counterfeit warning, you question Petzl’s quality…..

Petzl has an incredible reputation for offering the highest quality products. Go to an authorized dealer to by your climbing equipment. It’s only your life…..


When did they find this stuff? Or what year do you suspect this started? I have all of those pieces in bulk. Ughhh.

Serial #'s

I'm with Jorwin. If PETZL put a unique serial # on each piece of gear it would be easy for owners to know if they had one of these counterfeit pieces of gear because the counterfeit gear would all have the same serial #. I doubt a counterfeiter would go through the trouble of putting a unique serial # on each piece of gear.

^^ Really? They go through

^^ Really? They go through the whole process of counterfeiting the item down to the logos and you think they are not going to add a serial number?

Is the "PETZL" brand

Is the "PETZL" brand name/emblem also illegally reproduced on the items? (Is that a way you can tell if it's real or counterfeit --if the PETZL name is there or not?)

Is the "PETZL" brand

Is the "PETZL" brand name/emblem also illegally reproduced on the items?

Of course. Do you think they would say "It will be very difficult for you to identify these fakes" if all you had to do was look for the name "Petzl" on them? What kind of counterfeit would they be without copying the most basic marking?

Answer from Petzl

Yes on these counterfeits there is the Petzl Logo, there are also numerous counterfeits without the Petzl Logo.
Thank you for your support

(I'm the caver who posted

(I'm the caver who posted this original Q)
Dear Petzl,
THANK YOU for your reply. And I'd like to apologize on behalf of the individuals who posted stupid questions. To me (a Grotto chairman), Petzl has the HIGHEST reputation for quality. Did you see the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners? I certainly noticed that the PETZL brand name was all over the place (on harnesses, etc.)!
OF COURSE we will all purchase our products only from authorized Petzl dealers --those of us who care about our lives, our safety and not having to rescue others who do not.
Thank you again, Petzl, and keep up the great work!
-NSS caver

Tip of the Iceberg!

Kudos to Petzl for highlighting this issue.

Don't be surprised if *none* of these Petzl products are made in China. Counterfeiting follows whichever products are popular for *any* given market, *regardless* of whether they are made locally OR overseas. i.e. Petzl doesn't have to be making products in China for counterfeits to appear.

As to where these sub-par products are being sold, a starting point might be:
Basically it's the Chinese equivalent of ebay (apart from shonky climbing gear, its actually a great website - especially for expat's living China..., like me)
Knock-offs galore, also, a large proportion of the products are obviously *off the back of the truck* - or more to be more specific - *out the back of the factory*

Re: BD, I understand that BD's factories in Zhuhai are *very tightly controlled* by BD itself - as opposed to signing contracts with random factories, that then might use the same/similar dies & tools to produce sub-standard *parallel* products.

Up till now, my impression of the situation has been that, foreign companies have been tolerating counterfeits, as long as they stayed in China (anyone who has visited China will testify to the bountiful pirate DVD & clothing markets).
Obviously, this is situation that couldn't last forever. Petzl should be commended for being (apparently) the first outdoor company to draw attention to this trend.

Want to avoid this problem? Petzl says it above: "Only purchase from an authorized Petzl retailer..." Also the general rule: "if you find a deal too good too be true, it probably is" applies as well...

I believe, in the coming decade, this will be the defining issue for the outdoor adventure products industry, especially as many companies have their sights set on expanding into the Chinese market.


Petzl made in China?

I had not heard that Petzl products are made in China - true? Most stuff I see says "Made in France"

Answer from Petzl

We produce these 4 products in France and in the USA.

Conterfeit products

2 things

1º - the metal it's not so easy to copy
2º - the years of investigation of PETZL dont cheat.

kind regards

To the boneheads who blame

To the boneheads who blame this on Petzl.

1) You don't have to make stuff in China or even have a presence in China to have your brand & products counterfitted.

2) Having a component or product made in China or anywhere else is not necessarily bad. What matters is a brands R&D, QC, knowledge, experience, ethos, ethics, attention to detail, supervision of subcontractors, & certification of both the products & the processes. If you reject products simply because of origin you are a stupid or a racist.

3) None of you know seem to know what Petzl do or don't make in China. I don't know & I don't care. As long as Petzl make it that's good enough for me.

4) You are probably the same boneheads who bought the highly dodgy uncertified & sometimes even unbranded Eastern European stuff 15 years ago, & who even now buy crappy hardware-store shackels & biners for fixed anchors & express surprise when they bend under body weight.

5) You are probably the same hypocritical boneheads who sneer & snarl about being ripped off by businesses who operate in higher cost markets or haven't joined the race to the bottom & therefore ask for a reasonable price.

The real tragedy is that that because you are a boneheads you will probably survive accidents caused by your own stupidity long enough to spawn & further dilute the intelegence of the human race.

And no, I don't work for Petzl.

dont buy petzl made in china

give us information about your product which is subcontracted in china,india or asia.pleas vewrify if the philippine shop CONQUER is your official petzl distributor.china govt doesnt have any ethics to speak of.to mr.davo , idont buy a ferrari made in china or a f22 raptor made in that communist country.we are not racist. we just patronize original products.

RE : dont buy petzl made in china

Hello Maria,

We have checked with our distribution network, yes CONQUER is an authorized dealer of Petzl in Philippines.

Re: answerfrom Petzl

That means you ONLY produce these items in France and the US, or are they manufactured in China too? If this is the case, I would have to agree with the 1st comment here, that they shouldn't be producing hardware in China, when safety is the essence of the product, as they will know that designs are ripped off all the time there.

Pointing this out does not make you a 'twerp'. This isn't a case of corporate honesty, it's most likely corporate cost cutting coming back to bite Petzl in the arse, unless of course I'm wrong about any Chinese manufacturing of these items.

Production sites of the genuine Petzl products

Sorry if our first answer wasn't clear enough. These four products are exclusively produced by Petzl in France and USA, nowhere else.
Thank you for your interest.

"... they shouldn't be

"... they shouldn't be producing hardware in China, when safety is the essence of the product, as they will know that designs are ripped off all the time there... "

Incorrect, regardless of where it is manufactured, regardless of what it is, products will be counterfeited, period. (and not just in China)
I guarantee that you use other products made in China that have safety dependance: car parts, GPS, mobile products, phone products, medical products, drugs, tools - at some point in your life, your safety may depend on any one of these types of products... these other industries produce products to global standards, that operate quite safely.

Furthermore, your point is moot:
"...Sorry if our first answer wasn't clear enough. These four products are exclusively produced by Petzl in France and USA, nowhere else..."


manufacturing in China

Anon - as everyone else is pointing out, this is NOT an issue of where they are manufacturing.
It is an issue of them producing popular, quality products which makes them attractive for counterfitting - adding serial numbers is unlikely to a perfect fix - since these are obviously made in a proper factory which could simply mirror this.

If you have an objection to critical products being made in China, I suggest that the first people you should knock on the door of would be Boeing

And thanks to the community manager for your patience in setting the record straight repeatedly :)



Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up. Honestly I never thought about this issue but it makes sense that everything in the world is pirated and bootlegged that it would make it's way to the outdoors industry. For most products it is not an issue. I've know a few people to come back with north face stuff from china.

But when it is climbing gear it is a whole different story. Pretty simple that if you find a deal that is to good to be true, then it probably is!


What do we do if we suspect we might have counterfeit products?

I don't see any information or comments on what we should do if we already own some of these products? Is there somewhere for us to send them to have the authenticity verified? Thanks.

Answer from Petzl


As this is an extremely serious issue be sure that we are actively preparing more informations concerning the identification of counterfeits. We will of course inform all our customers, retailers and distributors. In the meanwhile check with the distributor of your country that you have purchased products through an official dealer. http://www.petzl.com/en/page/petzl-distributors-world-1
Thank you for your interest

possible way of preventing it?

would it be possible to put a part code checker on line so if you type in the unique part number it would tell you what it is and what country it was sold in this would make faking things a bit harder and identifying possible fakes a bit easier?

Thanks Petzl!

this is an awful situation, well done for handling it responsibly (and patiently repeating your answers to impatient & sloppy readers that have commented!)

your products are still coveted & I hope your lawyers manage to nail the bastards who did this!!

other ideas to stop this

Hi, may I suggest some ideas that would be not that difficult / expensive to implement however they stop effectively the counterfeits?
- Put a unique, non-continual numbering serial number INSIDE the packing of the product in a way that it is not possible until the product is purchased and the packing is obviously opened. Then this number could be entered on Petzl' homepage and verified whether it is genuine or not.
- Put some hard-to-reproduce holographic watermark on the product / packing of the product.
Regards, Mr. T.J.

Don't have to re-invent the

Don't have to re-invent the wheel either for a unique identifier... make packaging which contains a GUID and an online system which lets you check that part's distribution path.


Thank you Petzl for being honest and alerting us all to these dangers. These counterfeits are all over Ebay and on some suspicious retailer websites. Take caution when purchasing anything from these sites as they don't always truly say where they were manufactured from or selling from. The Ebay ones have US addresses sometimes but they are actaully just being shipped in from China and sold from a US address.

Climb on!

How long have these been about.

I know this is a hard question but is there any clue to how long these have been about,What im trying to say is if we bought the above item last summer is there any chance they could be fake.

I'm appalled

I'm appalled at the negligence of these people. This is a whole different ballgame to "sorny" and "panaphonics" TVs. This is of great concern to us all.

fake gear

any way we can get the batch numbers so we can check or do all the fake gear have their own individual numbering?

buy from the back of the petzl factory

I've always been able to tell china fakes in everything from dvds to clothing to high end electronics. Maybe if Petzl can't find any difference between the two? Then maybe they are coming from the back door of their own factories. How about some real honesty! It would take a lot of work by some really good machinists to make exact copies of some of those parts. I don't think it is worth the time to make such perfect copies. So if they really are fakes then how about telling us how we can tell them apart from the real thing. If you can tell them apart then we should be able to also.

if you read above it does

if you read above it does describe the differences (in general) there are differences in the tooling used for the fakes. most of the loss of strength will be coming from using cheaper grades of metal and not having good enough quality control. I would guess that any one with one petzl and one fake device side by side and a good eye for detail could say they were different.

there are differences in the tooling used for the fakes

"there are differences in the tooling used for the fakes" Your words, not mine, so how about telling us and showing us with some good pictures. Why is that so hard?

why is Petzl hiding this info.

Petzl needs to Immediately release high quality comparison images so we can verify our equipment is good. And NO I don't own 2 of each of the units in question for comparison....

People could get hurt if this information is not released immediately. And Petzl should be responsible for not releasing this information in a timely manner. This should be treated just as if it was a recall. In fact if it was a recall, they'd have nice little close ups of the problems at hand, not some fuzzy pics that don't show squat!

WTF are they hiding???

Did you READ any of the article?

There are no cosmetic/visible differences. The differences are in the chemical makeup of the metal, causing a lower failure point. No image is going to show the molecular structure of the material.

Next time, don't buy climbing gear on the cheap. If you bought all your gear from an authorized distributor, you wouldn't have to worry.


and you'll know when you are in a climbing store that is an authorized Petzl dealer, when you look up and see a giant gold plated sign that says "PETZL AUTHORIZED DEALER"

counterfeit versions of Petzl

Hmm,once again you folks are up to the challenge and getting the info out there. It's much appreciated in the real world and we're all aware of the continuing quality of the real deal, lol....
Keep punching and tempering all those necessary toys for us. No one wants to experience one of the fakes at any height......;(

Great Information

Knowing you guys are doing all you can to stop this. I would like to thank you for this information, and now consider my eyes open. Low grade gear I consider to be a bit uncommon, and those companies usually doesn't last long in this market, and replicas seem relatively new. I have changed my purchasing practices when it comes to climbing gear... and not just Petzl... as I am sure other companies have similar counter fitting problems. Happy to learn that my primary gear provider has been certified... a fact that might have been overlooked were it not for Petzl's notice. You guys ever going to make cam's?

Unique serial number with online verification

Hi Peltz,

Quick suggestion.

Unique serial number on each piece that can only be verified over the internet. The Peltz webpage would show another serial number (which should match another number in the piece) and an image of the artifact.

I know it sounds complicated, but it isn't. It can also be a great marketing tool.

Good luck!


counterfeit / original

1. If you heard about inverse engineering, you realize that is not important where the originals are made. It is possible and not so difficult to reproduce "the looks" of a simple mechanical device including the "original markings" and if you have the necessary technology, you can reproduce almost exactly even the material.
2. If Petzl was able to "see the differences" before accidents happend, it means there are things anyone can see/verify (and the users should be notified about it).
3. Bad quality, life threatening, "identical looking", safety equipment...yes, it seams too much bother for some dollars (these products are not so expansive)... so the conspiracy theorists have something to chew...
4. Holographic stickers with a serial number/date/place of production, with different image from batch to batch should make the copying more difficult. Or, considering the "attemptive murder" in case of equipment fail, a special paint with embedded special markers should make the difference (at least legally, for the company).

Petzl "Honesty" is that they

Petzl "Honesty" is that they want you to replace all their products again, they even insinuate that your old gear is suspect so replace it too! Every retailer has that kind of integrity.
For all we know petzl may have circulate defective product just to call all your gear into question to sell more product or at least spread the story.
Just weight your gear aggressively and look for expressive flex or bending, don't waist your time or money. Buy some of their stock and dump it after they announce their earning from this.

It sell insurance

May very well be a corporate pipe dream...
Scare tactics.
All I am sure of is they are filtering posts.

Digital certificate


I`m working with computer networks for years, and the cure to this illness is so simple.
Just generate a DIGITAL CERTIFICATE, burn them on some cd/dvd, put it in the box, and when someone buys your product he can be 100000% sure that it is original.
If that is too complicated then you can add card reader and card with digital certificate on it. And the best is that it wont cost you more than 5$. Also I believe that no one on this thread, or who is in this type of activity would mind giving 5$ more to be sure of what they are buying.

btw, I have just planned to buy some speleological gear, but now ....
I guess i`ll just wait

Best regards

Get me the load wieghts please.

I am thinking that Petzl should post their findings. I mean if you found that ORIGINAL Petzl stuff fails at 7k/n and that the fake fails at 3 k/n then we should know. Then I would ask is it safe to load a ORIGINAL Petzl at the fake load. That way those that want to test our stuff can.

Oh and here are a few thoughts for stuff that won't work.
a: Unique ID numbers can never be unique, they can be copied. Even if you run a GUID and verify it online. If I buy the fake and you buy the original. I verify it on-line before you does that make mine original or yours. Just because you make it harder to do something does not mean that it won't someone wont knock it off. Money dictates what level of detail someone will go through to make knock offs.
b: Holographic stickers with a serial number/date/place of production can't guarantee work if someone wants to hack/crack the number algorithm that Petzl uses.
c: Unique paint is also not Unique. With the color identifying software that anyone can get a hold of it is very easy to duplicate paint.
d: Just because you buy it on ebay does not make it fake.

Attache SL Spine Markings

Just curious when the markings on the spine changed from the 5digit + alpha to the much more detailed engraved markings on the new Attache SLs. I've got a mix of both and was trying to determine the vintage.



The spine markings on Attache SL carabiners changed in 2006.

To know the product’s manufacturing year, you need to read the individual number marked on each product as follow:
09: correspond to the year
365: correspond to the day
AB: correspond to the person that checked and controlled the product
1234: is the serial number of the product

In the past, some of the product were not graved with an individual number and were marked this way:

99289A :Year of manufacturing 1999
Day 289
A correspond to the person that checked

You will also find some more information on the Petzl web site where you can download all technical notices.

All the best

Attache SL Spine Markings

When did the spine markings change on the Attache SLs. I bought a new one last year and it has a long set of markings on the spine that look etched or engraved. My previous one has a 5 digit + Alpha stamp on the spine.

I'm just worried now that

I'm just worried now that with Chinese counterfeits, the prices of Petzl gears might go up since they would have to put money into finding ways to make counterfeiting more difficult. Petzl is already more pricey than BDel. But then, BDel makes their stuff in China while Petzl doesn't for most of their products. I had really bad experiences and life threatening accidents with BDel products; never with Petzl. As long as there aren't any counterfeits reaching the stores I buy my Petzl gear from (all authorized Petzl dealers), I'm going to always rely on Petzl equipment for my climbing hobby. It is good to know that I need to be aware of counterfeit Petzl gear. So sad that some Chinese manufacturer decided to counterfeit climbing gear. This is a strong indication that climbing is becoming mainstream enough for the Chinese to start counterfeiting climbing equipment, because there is profit to make!

Further step to take

First, THANKS for your timely & important warnings!

Second, after notification of this by a friend, I have, in turn, fulfilled part of my own responsibility by notifying others of my caving and outdoors friends by forwarding them the link to your company for the information concerning this problem that has appeared in "our" community.

But, third, and possibly just as important in the long run, is to spread the word that we ALL need to continue to support a longtime & reliable manufacturer of equipment that we have always been able to rely upon with our continued economic "votes" of support by continuing to "Buy( bonified ) Petzl Equipment!

Bill Peachey - Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

( Petzl, I give you my unqualified permission to use this "comment" in any way that may help your cause! )

OMG!! my story ...

I am going to hate china forever....:(

thanks for the heads up PETZL!

I was going to purchase the pulley: RESCUE P50 a few days ago from an unofficial dealer!! but thanks to this announcement I didn't do that mistake ....

however I bought a bunch of other climbing equipment(Harness: CORAX 2, and REVERSO3) from that dealer ....
Hope they are not fake!!

despite the long distance (300Km), I am going to buy the rest of my stuff from the authorized dealer of PETZL....

The solution is cheap

Petzl's 'solution' of paying full retail from their authorized dealers isn't going to fly unless everyone bought gear for some government or contractor. We all know how this works; Petzl can't be seen authorizing one dealer to under-cut some other dealer so prices will remain high. Petzl has a duty to protect climbers from fakes by making it harder to fake, and people dying from fake products shouldn't be looked down upon because they didn't buy from authorized dealers.

The solution is a hash or signed hash. You can't fake it and all it will cost you is a few CPU cycles per product. In other words nothing.

Welcome to the internet age, Petzl. I know it was slower coming for you guys, being from France and all (sorry about your Minitel), but there is no excuse. Either serialize your products or watch as more fakes show up and devalue your brand name.

Quite frankly I don't see why this shouldn't be done for all UIEE/CE certified gear. It's like we're in the stone age

(and your verification CAPTCHA is easily thwarted, too)


Is it possible to have for each product in the description, the place of manufacture?
In my case, if the equipment is manufactured outside Europe or USA, or if it does not say, I do not buy ...

Suspected counterfeit

I would like to know about the PETZL counterfeit equipment ? I see many ads online very cheap here in Brazil ! I know and use PETZL for many years,I have a little distrust about this ads! I dont buy or use any, but I'am afreid to be climbing with other climbers equipment! I had seen some of these pieces and I found the colors a bit strange and different from reliable dealers! I would like to know if I buy and send one to be check it,would I be reimbursed for my expenses?
I hope to be wrong about !

Counterfeit products

Hello. Sorry for the late repley. Thanks a lot for you help and your feedbacks. We advise you to look at our tree decisions located on http://www.petzl.com/files/fckfiles/file/info-generale/petzl-product-authentification.pdf. It will help you to detect counterfeits versions of PETZL products. You can also contact our distributor in Brazil with the contact below. Thanks for your confident in PETZL.

Rua General Góes Monteiro
389 Jardim Elite
13417-381, Piracicaba
+55 (19) 34115605


Good lesson for those of us HERE in the USA! Stop out-sourcing products to other countries such as China, Japan, etc and start manufacturing back HERE again in the good ole USA ourselves!

I want to know WHY - a country that first put a man on the moon, is the leader in military weaponry, aircraft and NASA - NEEDS to resort to foreign manufacturing to have these products made? Don't we make ANYTHING here in the USA any longer? Even Black Diamond has sold out to the foreign market as well? What in heck is wrong with American's these days? Then we wonder WHY we have 10% unemployment in this country and it's getting worse and jobs continue to be lost HERE! Keep buying foreign made products people!

And the ad part IS - one would be hard pressed to find climbing gear still manufactured HERE in the USA still!

How sad...

Rescue P50 A

I am looking for a page with information on the P50 A. When I searched for it I could only find this page. Please direct me to a page where I can find the information about the P50 A.

It's just as easy to have this problem with counterfeiters in the USA, it's not just in foreign countries where we have these problems.

Thanks Petzl for taking the responsibility to inform those who may be in harms way because of the counterfeiters.

Re Rescue P50 A

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