The advantages of Petzl crampons

Simple, precise and reliable adjustments

Correct adjustment is essential to assuring that the crampon is securely attached to the boot. Required for performance and safety, the adjustment system must be simple, precise and reliable.
For the best interface with all types of boots, Petzl Charlet crampons and binding systems are adjustable in several different ways.
No tools are required, allowing for easy adjustment while in the mountains.

Petzl Charlet crampons
Semi-rigid or flexible:
Depending on the stiffness of the boot, the crampons can be adjusted to be semi-rigid or flexible.
This is adjusted at the head of the linking bar, where it is connected to the forefoot.
ANTISNOW plates are designed not to interfere with the flex of the crampon (Petzl Charlet patent).

Petzl Charlet crampons
Adjustments to the half-size, without tools
The linking bar between the two pieces adjusts the length of the crampon to the half-size (Petzl Charlet
patent). It can be adjusted without tools with the spring system.
The spring is locked in place by the sole of the boot and tensioned when the crampon is attached to the boot.

Petzl Charlet crampons
Optimal boot interface:
On most binding systems, the toe and heel wire bails can be adjusted: they can be moved forwards or
backwards to fine-tune the length and can also be adjusted to fit different sized welts.
The wires can also be angled, to better fit asymmetric boots.
No tool is necessary for these adjustments.

Petzl Charlet cramponsTo adjust for different thicknesses of welts, the height of the heel bail can adjusted on the LEVERLOCK and

With the mini-DoubleBack buckles, the webbing strap does not need to be doubled back to be firmly
tightened. They are always locked and can be adjusted with a single movement. The strap can be tightened
easily and quickly.