The 62nd meeting was held in the Tatras mountains last fall gathering the mountain rescue corporations from all the Europeean countries, USA and Japan. The goal of the meeting is to share and discuss techniques, equiment and experiences in order to improve efficiency and safety during rescue operations in the mountains.


During the meeting two days of field training were proposed with simulation of rescue situations :

  • Evacuation from a chair lift – rescuers from different countries were demonstrating their techniques and equipment they use.   
  • Paraglider evacuation from a tree – Slovak rescuers demonstrated their technique of rescue
  • Evacuation from a cable cabin with a helicopter support – teams from different countries were practising rescue with a helicopter
  • Evacuation from a cave (confined space) performed by Slovak speleo rescue team in the Belianska caves



Rescuers from different countries held lectures during which they shared their problems and experience from their environment.


The Petzl Distributor of the area "Vertical" presented our new offer dedicated to mountain rescue, the ALVEO VENT helmet and the new range of headlamps PIXA.
The next meeting is to be held in Sweden at the town of Are, from October 18 to 23 2011.


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