In conjunction with the publication of the new Petzl Professionnel 2010 catalog, check out these 4 new wallpapers for your computer screen: work-at-height, hands-free lighting and technical rescue.

Work-at-height and difficult access

Working on a bridge in Germany

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Photo © Kalice - Arnaud Childeric / Alpin Technik und Ingenieur Service GmbH


Cleaning a well at the Bouvante dam (France - Vercors)
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[.jpg - 1920x1200 - 2.0Mb]

Photo © Kalice - Arnaud Childeric / Abcyss


Hands-free lighting

Maintenance of the Paris Metro lines
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[.jpg - 1920x1200 - 1.4Mb]

Photo © Stephan Denys - Face Nord / With authorisation from RATP.


Technical rescue

Training rescue operation on the cliffs of St-Hilaire du Touvet (France - Isère),
with the PGHM of Isère and Savoy.
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Photo © Thomas Marchand.