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ABSORBICA lanyards sold since this time are not affected by this recall.

On May 24, 2011, Petzl launched a safety alert for inspection of all ABSORBICA energy absorbers manufactured up to serial number 11137****.



As of 11/01/2011, only a very small quantity of the ABSORBICA energy absorbers have been inspected. To


avoid accidents, Petzl wants to emphasize the importance of this inspection. 


If you own or know someone who owns an ABSORBICA energy absorber that has not been inspected, please:

  • Immediately stop using it!
  • Inspect your ABSORBICA energy absorber using the special verification procedure
  • Send the results of your inspection and the quantities inspected to your Petzl distributor


If you have already inspected your ABSORBICA but have not sent the results, please send them and the quantities inspected to your Petzl distributor.



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