Ice & Mixed Climbing Video: Petzl Ice Trip to Ben Nevis - Scotland

If there's one place on earth where climbers celebrate the arrival of the next snowstorm, it has to be Scotland. Each winter, pounded by the North Atlantic winds, the Scottish Highlands are plastered by a layer of snow and frost. A Petzl team made up of Martial Dumas, Ueli Steck, Yann Mimet, Mathieu Maynadier, Aljaz Anderle and Erwan Lelann and guided by local Andy Turner, made the obligatory pilgrimage to this temple of frozen ice and cold stone. This video has it all, including a rare sighting of the Loch Ness monster and a Ueli Steck flash (second ascent) of The Secret (X, 10) - the hardest route at the Ben.

Video The film

"IceTrip Scotland - Looking for Nessie" (25 min.)


Video The Team

Martial Dumas, Ueli Steck, Yann Mimet, Mathieu Maynadier, Aljaz Anderle, Erwan Lelann, Andy Turner and John Croxford.
Filmed by Bertrand Delapierre, Guillaume Broust, Erwan Lelann, Mathieu Maynadier, Yann Mimet and Loic Tonnot.
Photography by Tony Lamiche.


Solutions Petzl Petzl ice climbing gear

Petzl Charlet has a complete line of of gear for mountaineering and ice climbing. Below are some of the equipment used by the team:

Technical Advices Technical advice for mountaineering and ice climbing

Technical advices Ice climbing
Ice climbing
tech tips [.pdf]
Mountaineering technical advices
tech tips [.pdf]
Technical advices multi pitch climbing
Multi-pitch climbing
tech tips [.pdf]


VideoTrip report and photos

To see a selection of photos from the trip to the Ben Nevis, read the trip report.

Ueli Steck The Secret



The music was written and performed by independant artists. Be sure to check out their websites.



How can I find the songs of the video??


I'm looking for all the songs of the video (Ice trip to Ben Nevis); I've entered in all the links show above and looked in the webs of the artist, but I can't found any song, and in Google, Youtube and more browser are impossible to find. Can anyone help me? Thanks from Madrid!!!


The music in this short film

The music in this short film was outstanding. I enjoy listening to music when climbing familiar routes or bouldering. It's almost as if you can move to the music. My favorite part of the video is when the guy gets his ax stuck. It just goes to show that one's ability to persevere and stay calm is very helpful while high off solid ground. Furthermore, it shows that new paths up faces are earned and not just given away by the mountain.

Overall, this was a wonderfully shot climbing film. being from the US, there is nowhere here quite like Scotland. That is another great thing about climbing, the ability to journey to far off places and experience new cultures, terrains, and faces.

The climbers they chose to follow certainly seemed happy to visit Ben Nevis and other Scottish locales for the firs time. Moreover, they showed the joy and camaraderie that climbing has to offer to all those who wish to partake in the challenge.

Songs of the Film

Hello Sergio
The main songs are available on the Petzl facebook, in the Music section (
You can also leave a message at eKoman (on his Myspace) to ask him for a free download.
The other songs are from Jamendo, so you can search for TRYAD and JONAY on the following websites : ( and (
Best regards and enjoy !

Download the movie

Hi guys,
can i download the movie anywhere?
Thx Sven

Download the movie

Hi Sven,
You can donwload the original Quicktime file, if you have an account on Vimeo.
Then, simply go to and click on the link "download the movie".
Best regards

This is the second time

This is the second time I’ve heard of the finest rating for ‘The Secret’ on Ben Nevis. I came across it a SMC guidebook some time ago and had saw a team scaling its pitch 2 on YouTube. Although SMC also has a great book on The Cairngorms, I have to say I’m enjoying watching these pros do what they do on the video just as much.

I've always had it in the

I've always had it in the back of my mind to embark on a climbing expédition to Europe. Watching beautifully shot climbing films such as this certainly brings the notion to the forefront of my thoughts. Scotland provides a beautiful, fresh, natural backdrop on which the climbers do their vertical dance. To watch these experts maneuver through difficult terrain makes climbers like myself marvel at how big the experience, technical acumen, and creativity gap really is. I could only dream of climbing in such a place. Yet, there is not a sense of jealousy, but simple admiration as climbing is about conquering that next puzzle. And no matter if a face is 3m or 300m the joy of reaching new heights for the first time is always the same.

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