Use of Shunt

I am an IRATA level 3 trainer and still much prefer using a shunt as a back-up device than any other device I have used. I have personally know four operatives who have cut through their working lines and the Shunt has worked perfectly. I have viewed your memo to Irata following the assessors workshop where the Shunt to critically reviewed. It refers to a knotted towing cord. Of course it is hard to relsease a knotted cord. I have been an IRATA technician for twelve years and have know not to have have a knot in the towing cord, since I started. Due to the current perception that the Shunt is an un-safe device, I am now forced to use an ASAP which training. As the Asapsorber is only rated for one person,an absorica must be used. Due to the short length of the Absorbica it is nothing but a complete nuisance whist carrying out technican rescues.I am quite happy to continue using a Shunt as my back-up device and use it on a daily basis operationally. Just in normal abseil use, the towing cord slips through my fingers at least 4 or 5 times a day. Provided a short 3mm cord with no knot is used, I deem the Shunt to be the most practical back-up device currently available. I welcome you comments.


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