Superb info, many thanks! At

Superb info, many thanks! At 68, my climbing days are over but sometimes I still have to do some rope access work, so I like to keep up with what's what with the equipment--the climbing equipment is SO much more usable than the incredibly clunky OSHA junk! Some highly pertinent questions: were these rusted anchors 400 series stainless steel (magnetic, heat treatable for higher strength, less corrosion resistant, can crack) or 300 series stainless steel (non magnetic, not heat treatable for higher strength but can be quite strong if work hardened (e.g., cold rolled sheet), highly corrosion resistant (expecially type 316, which is what should be used in a severe marine environment), not usually subject to cracking unless highly work-hardened), pr perhaps one of the precipitation hardening alloys like 17-4PH (magnetic, extremely strong, good corrosion resistance (commonly used in marine environments for snapshackles & other highly loaded components, but NOT as good as 304 or 316), has some ductility even in the hardened state so doesn't usually crack unless severely deformed in the hardened state). An even more pertinent question: What grade of stainless steel are the Petzl anghors made of?


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