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Participate. Your involvement is essential in helping the outdoor industry move towards more responsible practices.

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Picto puceProtect your equipment

You too can help prolong the lifetime of your products. To succeed in this challenge, several aspects must be taken into account: product usage (intensity, frequency, conditions etc.), and also the transport, storage, care and maintenance.

Taking care with all of these aspects helps avoid premature wear of the equipment.

Here is a summary of precautions recommended by Petzl for maintaining your equipment.

>> Download the "Tips to protect your equipment" [PDF file - 13.7 Mb]


Picto puceYour questions, your suggestions

You have ideas, projects, or want to share your experience: contact-us.
For project funding: contact the Petzl Foundation Nouvelle fenêtre


Picto puceParticipate, get involved

Numerous organizations and associations are actively doing their part so that each one of us can accomplish our goals for the environment and society. We offer a list of some of the many relevant initiatives and projects that are an extension of the work we do. Contact them directly to get involved.




  • Pangaea
    Join the Young Explorers of Pangaea community and participate in their experience.
    Go to the Pangaea website

  • UIAA : International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation
    The objective of the UIAA is to promote the development and protection of mountaineering and climbing around the world, particularly protection of the environment.
    Go to the UIAA website


  • CPNT Brasov
    CPNT (Nature Protection and Tourism Club) is an association that subsidizes green tourism and the protection of the environment. They organize different actions like collecting funds, hosting summer camps, etc.
    Go to the CPNT website


 United States

  • Access Fund
    The Access Fund is the most important organization in the USA that protects climbing sites.
    Go to the Access Fund website
  • Leave No Trace
    Leave No Trace is a program created to encourage all outdoor enthusiasts (climbers, walkers, bikers, etc.) to limit their environmental impact. Find general tips on how to act responsibly in the outdoors.
    Go to the Leave No Trace website
  • ISA : "Trees are good"
    This educational website shows the importance of proper tree care.
    Go to the Trees are good website



  • Etgarim
    Etgarim is an association that allows handicapped children, adolescents and adults to overcome and integrate into society through outdoor activities.
    Go to the Etgarim website



  • Mountain Riders
    Mountain Riders promotes sustainable development, particularly the organization of garbage collection campaigns, in different mountain locations. They are always seeking volunteers.
    Go to Mountain riders website

  • French Alpine Club mountain charter
    See the charter on the FFCAM website

  • FFME - environmental charter
    See the charter on the FFME website

  • CAF: French Alpine Club
    The CAF offers recommendations for responsible climbing practices, winter activities, and respecting the natural environment.
    Go to the CAF website

  • SFA campaign (French Society of Arboriculture)
     "Respect the Trees" – This national campaign emphasizes the difference between "pruning", often corresponding to a radical and severe cutting, and "arboriculture", meaning a preventative and proactive cutting that respects the development and placement of the tree.
    Downnload the document "plaquette des bonnes pratiques" [French pdf - 1,3 Mb]

  • OPPBTPP: training for the installation and maintenance of solar panels
    The photovoltaic market is growing rapidly and more and more public works professionals (plumbers, electricians, etc) are required to work on roofs without proper training. With a goal of "Prevention of risks linked to the installation and maintenance of solar materials on roofs", the OPPBTP offers all public works professionals a practical training program for managing the risks of specialized sites.
    Download the document "Prévenir les risques liés à l'installation ou la maintenance d'équipements solaires sur toiture" [French pdf - 49 kb]