Petzl is committed, via a charter for responsible communication [pdf – 168 kb], both to the content of our communications as well as its environmental impact.

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Picto puceEco events

Two major eco-events: RopeTrip et RocTrip

The idea of an eco-event was initiated with Ice Climbing Ecrins 2010 in France, with the implementation of several actions to reduce the environmental impact of the event (car pooling app, waste sorting and collection, dry toilets, participant education, etc.).

In 2012 we decided to focus on two major events:

  • The Rope Trip (October 5-7, 2012)
  • The Petzl RocTrip in Argentina (November 22-25, 2012)

The RopeTrip, organized right inside the company at the Crolles site, would have had some environmental impacts for which many solutions were found, including:

  • Elimination of plastic water bottles with a water station supplied by the Conseil Général de l’Isère
  • Elimination of disposable plastic cups with the use of consignment cups
  • Installation of a sorting station for four types of waste (glass, paper, packaging, garbage)
  • Use of a Grenoble caterer offering 100 % local and organic products
  • Education of participants with signs around the site
  • Reduced travel on and off-site with installation of on-site campsite



Other actions were taken for the RocTrip:

  • Installation of permanent and temporary dry toilets
  • Construction of a system for treatment of gray water (showers, dishes…)
  • Establishment of a shuttle system between the basecamp and the canyon
  • Set up of an on-site composting station
  • Reduction of waste produced on-site with elimination of packaging of imported products
  • Providing biodegradable soap to participants
  • Involvement of participants with an newsletter dedicated to environmental issues

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Picto pucePublishing

Professional cataog

Petzl uses recycled paper or paper made from certified, sustainably managed forests for all its printed communication tools: catalogs and brochures, technical manuals, internal communication media (newsletters, memos, etc).
Our choices of print printers also meet environmental requirements related to printing techniques and are located near the shipping site.

Picto plusTo learn more about paper and printing labels, download the Guide to Paper and Printing Standards[pdf – 342 kb].



Picto puceEco guides

Petzl created guides not only to help our in-house teams conceive eco-designed communication tools, but also to share this process and involve all of our partners and providers of communications in our efforts.



Picto puceDid you know?

Recycled paper uses half the energy and three times less water than new paper.
Carbon footprint (one ton): new paper = 844 kg CO2 vs recycled paper: 428 kg CO2

Reducing environmental impact also requires the precise estimation of the quantities of printed materials for our needs.


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