Safety, a major concern

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For sports enthusiasts and work and rescue professionals, reliability and quality are principal concerns. At Petzl, a manufacturer of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), everyone shares this preoccupation. This is supported throughout the product’s lifetime, from the research phase to our after-sales service.

At each stage of its development and manufacture, a product is submitted to numerous tests. Tests and inspections are established in accordance with the company's stringent quality control process in the lab, in the field, and on the production line. Petzl has defined its own requirements and quality criteria that surpass industry standards.



Petzl's standard in research and development

During the R&D phase, the research team works closely with Petzl's testing lab to guarantee optimal use with maximum safety for the user.
The Petzl lab tests the product components to validate our choices.

For example, the research team calculates the aging of LED-type diodes before incorporating them into a line of headlamps. Webbing and plastics used in our harnesses are also submitted to the testing tower.



Petzl's standard in production

Petzl is proud to be different, with a unique policy underlining the safety of our equipment. All PPE products and headlamps are individually inspected. Controls take place throughout the production process, during and after the final assembly.

For headlamps, for example, a first functional test is performed by an operator, then a second test is carried out by a machine specially designed to analyze the light beam and to verify its quality and uniformity.

In compliance with the European Directive, the inspection and manufacturing procedures for each piece of PPE is reviewed annually. Further, the individual marking on all PPE guarantees the traceability of each unit produced.

Petzl's standard in production © A. Childeric / KalicePetzl's standard in production © A. Childeric / Kalice


Safety for the user

With the Easy Inspect software, available free of charge on our website, the user can inspect his/her PPE, program an inspection schedule and see the inspection plan. This way, all PPE controls are listed electronically, helping the user to regularly check the condition of the equipment.

Download Easyinspect, vérification EPIYou can also download Easy Inspect.
This is the inspection tool that allows you to easily create and maintain you electronic safety register.
Easy Inspect est un logiciel de planification et d'archivage pour la vérification de vos équipements.




Testing in the Petzl lab

Standards for harnesses, for example, are based on static tests. To certify its products, Petzl also includes dynamic tests in order to reproduce conditions for falling from height. Modeling situations encountered in the field allows us to test complete solutions, such as an energy absorber with a harness.

Tests du Laboratoire Petzl © A. Childeric / KalicePetzl uses cyclic testing machines to evaluate the behavior of a product over time. For example, carabiners tested for durability with a load transducer undergo 100,000 simulated open/close gate cycles.

In the field, specific tests related to the complexity of the natural environment advance our knowledge of PPE in order to have a greater understanding of, for example, the strength of ice anchors, screws, etc. The research team also studies possible unexpected uses of our equipment in order to prevent such misuse, by modifying the equipment in question or by informing the user.





Vincent Thébault - Technicien tests

To ensure the highest degree of safety, Petzl was the first company in its sector to equip itself with a testing lab in 1986. [...]
Vincent Thébault, Testing Technician

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pictoA vigorous fight against piracy

"For the safety of our clients, Petzl sets very high standards for its products and rigorously applies them. All non-compliant products or parts are systematically destroyed. No non-compliant Petzl product will be found on the market.

With this in mind, Petzl applies a strict and vigorous policy against product piracy."

Paul Petzl, President

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