Our expertise is at the heart of what we do

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The desire to commit further, to explore a new crag; the need to work at height on a complex structure... Petzl offers products and advice for achieving these objectives most appropriately, through technical information or through training.


pictoThe products: tools for progression

  • Products are organized into two major families:
    - products for verticality: harnesses, helmets, belay devices, ascenders/rope clamps, crampons, ice axes…
    - headlamps: compact headlamps, powerful headlamps, LED lighting
  • They are designed for two main areas.
    - Sport: mountaineering, climbing, caving, canyoning, via ferrata, trail running...
    - Professional: rope access, arborism, rescue, intervention, public works and structures, hands-free lighting…


  • The design of Petzl products is based on a continuous three-tiered process:
    - identification of a problem situation
    - the search for a pertinent, efficient solution
    - the continued search to improve the resulting product

Petzl conception casquesPetzl conception harnais
Each Petzl product is designed to meet a specific need found in the real sporting or professional world.

When innovation means evolution
Petzl fulfills its mission by creating innovative solutions that contribute to the emergence of new practices in sports and professions. From the invention of the GRIGRI to the EXO, and including the LED headlamp, Petzl's strength lies in the expertise and passion of our collaborators.



pictoTechnical information: sharing our knowledgeDessins technique alpinisme

A product is not complete without its technical information and a demonstration of its correct use. For many years, Petzl has produced technical drawings and videos that explain the use of our products and detail the technical situations encountered in the field. These have become a body of reference for all things vertical and are available through all our communications: catalogs, website, notices, packaging.

Petzl's goal is to provide information that allows our clients to work or to pursue their activities independently and under the safest possible conditions.


pictoTraining: an essential component

Petzl invests in training for our clients, distributors and the general public:

  • With our structured training programs:
    Petzl offers modules designed for professionals working at height, rescue personnel, adventure park managers, as well as end-users. An international network of Petzl Training Partners is set up to provide these workshops.
  • With training in the field:
    Petzl supports and runs training activities in the field – workshops on crevasse rescue, basic ice climbing or professional training – which are open to everyone.  Example: training for use of the EXO personal escape system for firefighters.