An ambitious corporate policy

[Design, produce]


Our expertise

Petzl's activities require a mastery of very diverse materials (textiles, metals, plastics, electronics, etc.) as well as specific technologies (fine plastic molding, injection molding, sewing, forging, LEDs, etc.). This expertise allows us to design equipment that corresponds to technical use constraints, such as resistance to shock, wear, extreme temperatures, etc.

New production capacity

Petzl has three production sites in France: Crolles, Eybens, Rotherens. A new production plant was also opened in 2010 in Malaysia as Petzl Manufacturing – Malaysia (PMM). This new manufacturing plant was deigned to respond to the need for increased production capability within the context of greater global competitive demands. This new location has allowed us to approach the Asian logistics platform, which directly supplies certain countries. Products manufactured at PMM undergo the same quality controls as those produced in France.

This development is complemented by long-term partnerships with key suppliers in Europe and Asia (*). Our buying and quality control teams work closely with suppliers to guarantee a standard of product reliability and quality that meets our demands.

Frederic Banget, Directeur des operations industriellesSince its creation in 1973, Petzl has remained a family business that invests in research and development, testing and production. This investment allows us to strengthen and update, [...]
Frédéric Banget, Director of Industrial Operations

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