The Melloblocco is back !

The largest international gathering of boulder fans will take place from May 6th to 9th in the Italian valleys of Val Masino and Val di Mello.

You will find all the features that usually make the Melloblocco competition so exceptional, but also some novelties to be discovered this year. Petzl will notably organize a SAGAGNASS evening on Saturday night with Lafouche and Said.

Melloblocco - Back to the roots of granite

In the Val Masino, granite is the source of life. It provides work for stone carvers and fun for climbers. And both require callused hands...

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Melloblocco - 09/05/08

From May 7-10, the Petzl Team is heading to Val Masino, Italy for the 6th annual Melloblocco international climbing festival. Each year over 2000 climbers, beginners and pros alike, come to check out the world-famous boulders set in a beautiful alpine valley.