New selection camp for Pangaea Expeditions

June 12 marked the beginning of a new selection camp in Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland. Sixteen young people from around the world gathered for a 10-day camp where they competed for places on an expedition to Nunavut, Canada scheduled for August 2011.

Selection Pangaea canada

Pangaea North Pole Expedition: News From Mike Horn and the Young Explorers

On May 4, 2011, the Young Explorers along with the rest of Mike Horn's team landed at their point of departure for their journey to the North Pole. For the first few days the weather was mild, which allowed everyone to gradually get used to this new environment they would be immersed in for more than 15 days.

The next Pangaea adventure has started: destination North Pole

On Thursday, April 28, 2011, an adventure to the North Pole started for the seven young people who remained at Château d'Oex following the selection process in February. Mike Horn immediately overwhelmed the young explorers by tasking them with a very important stage of this type of expedition: taking an inventory of everything (shoes, skis, harnesses, clothing…).

Pangaea: seven young people selected for North Pole expedition with Mike Horn

Among all the applicants from around the world, the sixteen candidates that were selected based on their applications met at Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland on 13 February 2011 for the selection camp. Their objective: to determine the team of explorers that will go to the North Pole in May 2011.


Pangaea: young explorers involved in the environmental movement

Since autumn 2008, we have shared with you the unique experiences of groups of young explorers on their expeditions with Mike Horn. To date, seven expeditions have been undertaken to the four corners of the globe (Antarctica, New Zealand Malaysia, India, Himalaya, China and Russia) and five more are planned by July 2012.
The objective of these expeditions is to teach young explorers about their natural environment and encourage them to find solutions that will, tomorrow, improve life on Earth.


Pangaea: The Adventure continues

The Pangaea expedition to the Kamchatka region of Russia has ended. Despite some sketchy weather, the young explorers managed to take full advantage of their expedition's final days. The team shared some unforgettable moments with a group of dogsledders and their dogs, climbed a volcano and enjoyed soaking in the hot springs in Petropavlovsk, the capital of Kamchatka.

Pangaea: the Russian expedition has left

The six young explorers selected for the Pangaea expedition to Russia have set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Following the Selection Camp in Switzerland the young explorers returned home to finalize last minute details as a unique journey into the dry, volcanic region of Russia awaited them. On the day of their departure they met Mike Horn for the first time and together they will share their discoveries and encounters with the Siberian people in Kamchatka.


The Pangaea project in the heart of the himalayan region

Respecting the principles of the Pangaea project, Mike Horn has led a team of 8 young people from all over the world through an amazing adventure. The objective always remained the same:

Explore, Learn and Act.


Pangaea : selection of young people for the expedition to Pakistan

The YEP (Young Explorers Program) participants have just been chosen for the “Pakistan Pangaea” expedition, the 5th of a series of 12 expeditions over 5 continents, from 2008 to 2012.

With his PANGAEA program, Mike Horn’s objective is to encourage the respect of the environment and to actively help clean the planet in order to protect it : a challenge for the future generations!

From on board PANGAEA

The Young Explorers are in Borneo with Mike Horn on PANGAEA. Petzl supports their expedition and gives you more infos on their daily agenda: