Have you inspected your ABSORBICA energy absorber following the May 2011 inspection procedure?

Tech Tips for Saint Nick

Santa's job isn't without its risks. Just imagine working under serious time pressure, moving around on snowy roofs in the dark...

In Florida, "Santa Claus" was getting ready for the upcoming Christmas work rush and brushing up on his rappelling technique at a local shopping mall. But the exercise didn't go exactly as planned. Instead, this poor "Santa" got his beard caught in the descender. We still don't know if he ever made it down..

Mountain rescue: video from the IKAR CISA 2011 Conference


The international IKAR-CISA conference took place at the end of October in Are, Sweden. Every year this international event brings together mountain rescue teams from all over the world.

The goal of the conference is to share experiences as well as different techniques and equipment in order to improve both efficiency and safety for mountain rescue operations.


Technical rescues: Grimpday 2011, a unique event

On June 4, 2011, the sixth edition of GrimpDay took place in Belgium.
Teams from all across Europe gathered at the ancient walls of the Citadelle de Namur to take part in the event.


GrimpDay 2011

Soon the 2011 European Arborist Championships

Each year, ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) and ETCCOC (European Tree Climbing Championship Operations Committee) organize the European arborist championships. The 2011 edition will take place from June 17th to 19th in Austria, at the Vienna Prater.

The objective of this competition is to gather together professional arborists who will compete in various events such as:

Labor of love: La Grave mountain risk patrollers, guardians of Freedom

Friday, 11 February 2011, 2:00 p.m., Crête du Peyrou d'Aval, around 2800 meters high. Under a beautiful blue sky, on a ridge that delineates the western horizon above the refuge Chancel from the classic ski routes of the Valleys of the Meije, two figures stand out.
When standing still they seem to blend in with this immense, wild and incredibly beautiful mountain.

Counterfeit: How do you identify a genuine Petzl product?

Following the discovery of counterfeit Petzl products we have developed a decision tree to help you identify the origin of your Petzl product and what to do next.


Labor of Love: Arborist Climber

In the spring of 2010, arborist climber Xavier Ubeda went to work with some trees on a property on Moines Island in the Gulf of Morbihan. It was here that he assisted Raphaël Dubuc and Alain Gourmaud, two instructors in the profession of arborist climbing. The goal of the day was to trim large dead branches from pine trees (Pinus radiata) that overhung a footpath along the coast.

Mountain rescue : know-how sharing at IKAR CISA

The 62nd meeting was held in the Tatras mountains last fall gathering the mountain rescue corporations from all the Europeean countries, USA and Japan. The goal of the meeting is to share and discuss techniques, equiment and experiences in order to improve efficiency and safety during rescue operations in the mountains.


During the meeting two days of field training were proposed with simulation of rescue situations :

Grimpday: technique and show

This year, the Grimpday, organized by the fire department of Namur (Belgium) took place on June 12th.

A recognized international event, this 5th edition gathered together the best teams worldwide in the field of rope rescue in Namur. New participants took up the challenge, with a total of 28 teams representing 9 countries, and various rescue services: firemen, civil protection, para-commandos, police, etc.