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Enzo Oddo réussit son projet et enchaine sur l'été

Il y a peu de temps Enzo Oddo réussissait l'enchainement de Victima Perez 9a. Nous avons pu joindre Enzo pour en savoir plus sur cette voie.

"Victima Perez ? La voie comporte 60 mouvements en traversée dans mur de la Raco de la Finestra à Margalef avec une dernière section bloc super dure avant de finir dans une goulotte de rocher vertical exceptionnel et surtout facile.

VIDEO - Tuzgle - Climbing in Argentina

November 2008, the swiss climber Nina Caprez with 9 french guys travels to explore a new climbing spot in Argentina : an Altiplano littered with boulders and crags nested at 4200 m of elevation under the Tuzgle volcano. The movie illustrates the daily life of the group in this unexplored wonderland. As days fly by, they realize that the true value of their discoveries is way beyond their expectations... One of the best bouldering destination of south america has been unveiled.

Pangaea : selection of young people for the expedition to Pakistan

The YEP (Young Explorers Program) participants have just been chosen for the “Pakistan Pangaea” expedition, the 5th of a series of 12 expeditions over 5 continents, from 2008 to 2012.

With his PANGAEA program, Mike Horn’s objective is to encourage the respect of the environment and to actively help clean the planet in order to protect it : a challenge for the future generations!

Winners of the Piolets d'Or

The greatest climbers met together last month for the 18th edition of the Piolets d’Or in Chamonix. This key event in terms of alpinism focused on the encounter between the new and the older generation. The chosen projects complied with the ethics of the Piolets d'Or described in the Piolets d’Or charter.

Melloblocco 2010: up to the challenge

As expected, boulderers from all over Europe converged on Melloblocco in Italy the weekend of May 6-9.

This was a bet not to be taken lightly, considering the atrocious weather forecast... But boulderers are the persevering type and Melloblocco's favorable microclimate saved the weekend.


Perseverance rewarded


The overall winners of the photo contest - TIKKA² The Power of Light

After two crazy months of competition, the Jury is ready to announce its decision. More than 1,100 photos were submitted, reflecting a diversity of themes and concepts, making the choice of the winners very difficult.

ELIA: climbing and mountaineering helmet designed for women

Nina Caprez Built for women...

PICCHU, a climbing and biking helmet designed for children

From climbing one day to cycling the next, children do many different activities.

The PICCHU helmet is CE certified for both of these activities (climbing and cycling) and offers protection, durability and comfort.

It is very light and comfortable and constructed for durability.

Wallpapers: rock climbing, big wall, ice climbing and canyoning

Big wall in Namibia
The expedition team came back from Namibia with a film, Waypoint Namibia.

The overall winners of the video contest - TIKKA² The Power of Light

After long and serious deliberation, the jury has announced the winners of the contest. As you can imagine, with the great quality and diversity of submissions, it was difficult to reach a final decision.