Rock climbing

Photo gallery of Siurana

In late October, most of the Petzl team gathered in Siurana (Spain) for
a week of exchange and climbing. The opportunity to mix together rock
climbers, alpine climbers, trail runners and adventure racers.

DVD King of Da Caillasse II

Pour ce deuxième opus, le Team Les Collets ont décidé de rester dans la même
logique: filmer une succession de séquences d'escalade
(un peu à la manière des Dosages), avec comme ambition de donner la priorité à l'escalade, l'image, l'esthétisme... et bien sûr, aux grimpeurs!

Progression - A new film by BigUPproductions

Behind every breakthrough in the progression of climbing, there's a true story of doubt and determination, perseverance in the face of failure.

From boulders, to big walls, to competition podiums, the climbers at the top of the game share a commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve their vision. Featuring Chris Sharma, Tommy Caldwell, Daniel Woods, Adam Ondra, Kevin Jorgeson, Patxi Usobiaga, Johanna Ernst, Alex Honnold, Paul Robinson, Matt Segal, and more, in a film by Josh Lowell, Cooper Roberts, and Brett Lowell.

Inside Out

Funny game climbing, sometimes its like buses, you wait for ages, getting more and more frustrated, and then, just when you've given up, two come along at once.

Reel Rock Tour trailer

Check out the recently launched REEL ROCK Film Tour Trailer.
Featuring Sender Films' new series for Nat Geo Adventure Channel, First Ascent.
And Big UP's newest release, PROGRESSION.

Infinity Lane - the movie

Check out the Petzl Millau Roctrip film, featuring the 90m Infinity Lane routes... 17 minutes of amazing climbing to get you psyched!
For more infos about the movie, photos, wallpapers... Please visit the Petzl website.

Croitage de la muraille de Chine !!!!!!

En juillet dernier Loic,Maud,Anne-Laure et moi somme allés faire un petit tour sur  muraille de chine. Longue de 6700km de quoi faire de la conti jusqu'à la fin de ses jours!!!

Chaussons dans le sac, nous l'avons arppenté en espérant trouvé le lieux propice pour claquer quelques tofs, et surtout faire la croix!!! chose faite par tout les membres du team, un 4b qui restera gravé dans nos mémoire....



Tough Enough - Climbing in Madagascar

Tough Enough, is the name of the 400 meter route in the Tsaranoro Valley in Madagascar first climbed by Arnaud Petit, Stéphanie Bodet, Sylvain Millet and Laurent Triay in 2008. Their only objective was to free the 10 pitches - many rated 8a and harder - on this African bigwall.

4200+ and counting

4200+ and counting