Rock climbing

Petzl RocTrip 2011 : "A Drill Dream Team"

At a completely virgin site like Getu the problem of equipment was present in all its complexity. Before all the necessary gear could be sent, an experienced eye was needed to evaluate the quality and quantity of what might be needed.

Responsibility for the inventory fell to Erwan Le Lann who was supervised by Olivier Balma and assisted by Whan, a park ranger.


VIDEO - Petzl RocTrip Mexico 2010

Never before has a Petzl RocTrip mixed together so much climbing and local culture in one simmering pot. We spiced it up with a few special ingredients: passion, fun, and shared experiences. The Petzl RocTrip 2010 in Mexico welcomed people from all corners of the world to the unique climbing destinations of El Chonta et Las Peñas de Jilotepec, with a stop at the Aztec pyramids of Teotihuacán.

Bastien Gerland et Alizée Dufraisse remportent le contest de Bloc des Natural Games

Vibram Natural Games June 23 to 26 2011 in Millau (Aveyron), France

For the fourth edition the Vibram Natural Games (NG) move to a new spot.

Close to the wild water stadium, the "Maladrerie" plaza will host the best of climbing, kayaking, MTB freestyle and enduro, slacklining and paragliding. Faithfull to the original concept of the Petzl RocTrip the Natural Games will gather all the outdoor sport fanatics for great shows, contests and concerts.

Petzl RocTrip China – 26-30 October 2011 – Gétû Valley

new movie: Bestcoast Riot -climbing on the bestcoast with Dani Andrada & Said Belhaj

Here it is finally, filmed during 10 days last summer on the west coast of Sweden. A movie by Jesper Östlund & Martin Arvidson


GRIGRI 2, the new Petzl belay device with assisted braking

Behind every great send, there's a great belayer.
The GRIGRI 2 helps the belayer work in unison with the climber.

Gérôme Pouvreau sends "Ganesh" F.A (5.14a) in Badami, India

The movie relates the first ascent by Gêrome Pouvreau of "Ganesh" 8B+ in Badami, India.
A movie by Vladimir Cellier & Julien Nadiras. More movies on Baraka Flims (



Cuba. Grimpe et découverte...

Il y a énormément de  choses à raconter sur Cuba.
On a vécu des aventures uniques: bartasses à travers la jungle, moustiques, guêpes, chaleur et moiteur…
On a grimpé sur des concrétions incroyables, découvert des spots peu
communs, fumé les meilleurs cigares qui soient et pour sure, dégusté le
meilleur café du monde …
Les rencontres étaient très enrichissantes, les paysages magnifiques et les ambiances à vivre !!