Red River Gorge

Rudeboy Rock

After 2 days of resting my leg and hoping for it to heal a little bit it was time to climb. But not only that, it was also the main day of the event -first the "flash rally" and then the big party!

I managed to walk up to the "Motherload" and found it packed with people. I teamede up with Steve and started warming up. The leg felt ok in all moves but highstepping and heelhooking. Ok, that'll do...

                     the "warmupwall" at the Motherload during the flash rally

From Boulder to the Red

So, I'm in the middle of a flashback right now-first climbing in Boulder, Colorado and then the Red in Kentucky, just the same as last fall.

As allways in Boulder I stayed with my friend Christian "Verve" Griffith and climbed with both new and old friends. Some people I would now later join up with here in the Red -Tony and Isa, Lynn, Abbey, Jason, Melissa, Dave...

Veterans Christina Griffith and Lynn Hill knows teamwork is the way forward, mt Evans.