Outdoor Games

Outdoorgames 2009 : "Action!"

This film festival began for his second winter edition in Chamonix.
It will last until the 21th of February, and gather all the best outdoor filming crews.
A quick resume of what this festival features...

Summer Outdoor Games.... Interlaken

Same spirit, same concept than in Chamonix but new people and new sports...
This first week of July was busy by the Summer Outdoor Games that have been held in Interlaken.

MTB, Kayaking, Climbing, Base Jumping and Paraglyding... 5 sports, 5 days for a movie... here you are... (Watch our movie on my previous post...).

Outdoor Games, the Movie....

Here is our Team Ibex video from the Summer Outdoor Games.
Congratulations to Tyler and Andrew who did an awesome job and to all the Ibex crew !

Photos Outdoor Games

After the words, the pictures... They speak by themselves...

Thanks to Philippe Fragnol for his shoots.

©_OutdoorGames2008_P Fragnol  

The first evening at our "base camp". Sam is giving the security instructions

Film feelings

The Outdoor Games are almost over.

It was really fun to discover the 7 team's movies, and each one made a very great job ! We are very happy with our film and I really wanted to congratulate our editing crew, managed by Guillaume Broust, for his professionalism and talent. A huge thanks to Denis, Chris, Seb and Guillaume.

The crazy week

The action stage is over, and the whole crew had a super-great-time in such a magic place...

We definitely had a crazy week, running everywhere, connecting one things after another... And it was the same for the editing crew that didn't sleep so much during the last 3 days, but they did a very professional job.

Between us, the atmosphere was really friendly, relax but efficient. Those Outdoor Games were a very strong human adventure, meeting new people, sharing time and passions all together.


It's going to be fun, it's going to be a nice human adventure, it's going to be a crazy week... But we will survive...

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