Inverser le sens d'une pile est dangereux

-Reversing a battery's polarity is dangerous and can cause explosions and chemical burns

It's absolutely necessary to correctly insert the batteries in the battery case, making sure to follow the diagrams on the battery case in regards to the batteries' polarity.
A battery inserted the wrong way can explode


-Une pile inversée explose

  • If the polarity of one battery is reversed in the battery case (with two (+) ends in contact with one another or two (-) ends in contact with each other) it's actually being charged by the other batteries.
  • This causes a chemical reaction inside the reversed battery. Within the span of a few minutes, the battery can leak explosive gases and/or extremely corrosive liquids.
  • There's a danger of explosion and chemical burns.


-Indication: a weak level of light

  • If a headlamp with fresh batteries emits a weak light, it means that one or more of the batteries are reversed.


-What to do?

  • Immediately turn off the headlamp and check the polarity of the batteries.
  • Precautions must be taken when opening the battery case in the event a leak has already occurred or occurs while opening the case.
  • If you come in contact with the liquid from the batteries, immediately rinse the affected area with running water and seek medical help.