Technical rescue © Dave Willis Technical rescue © Dave Willis

Technical rescue

Technical rescue teams intervene in particularly difficult or dangerous situations. Intensively trained and taught, they operate in any environment where conventional rescue teams cannot intervene safely. These specialists master all the techniques for progression and belaying on ropes, including the more complex ones: evacuation downward, upward, or by Tyrolean traverse, etc.
Downward evacuation
Easier to install, this type of evacuation is favored whenever possible. Downward evacuation takes place using gravity, applying different techniques determined for specific types of terrain.
Upward evacuation
Upward evacuation requires techniques which are sometimes particularly complex (hauling with a mechanical winch, creating a hauling system built from lightweight pulleys, using counterweight techniques, etc.). Upward evacuation is a team effort and requires perfect coordination by everyone involved.
Evacuation by Tyrolean traverse
When evacuation of the victim is difficult (urban sites, industrial sites, confined spaces, canyons, etc.) or impossible due to the presence of an obstacle, victims can be evacuated via Tyrolean traverse. These complex systems can only be installed by rescue workers who have been specially trained to make suitable decisions about the choice of techniques (Tyrolean traverse set up with transport rope and back-up safety rope, "cable-car" system, special Tyrolean traverse for moving the victim in all directions while adapting to the terrain, etc.).