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  • Prevents the rope from twisting when the load is turning
  • Excellent performance and reliability due to maintenancefree sealed ball-bearings



- designed for one-person loads

- compact

- breaking strength: 23 kN

- weight: 95 g

- Certification(s): CE


- designed for two-person loads, up to three connectors can be attached to the ends

- breaking strength: 36 kN

- weight: 150 g

- Certification(s): CE, NFPA 1983 General Use

Made in: FR


wear and tear....

I have been a rigger for circus and stunts for a very long time. I would like to hear from the manufacturer as to how I should know when to replace a piece. IE: How much wear is to much? Or,I have a swivel that works fine, It's 15 years old. My Bear claw has little white dots all over it, looks like rust only it's white? These are not MY questions and while I think I know the answers to these types of questions, I am never sure how to tell the folks that I am working with what your answers might be. Do you folks have a guide or handbook that I could reference?

Re wear and tear

Hello Randall,

As manufacturer of PPE we publish in the Instructions for use all the information necessary to inspect the PPE, in addition you can consult the Petzl Distributor in your country for assistance and also participate to a PPE inspection training that can be delivered by our distributor.

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