Robust and durable construction

Crushing test.

Great mechanical strength

Shocks, falls, crushing: these lamps are designed to endure the daily aggressions inherent to a professional worksite.

PIXA in its storage position.

Storage position

The storage position of the PIXA headlamp keeps the glass protected and locks the selector dial to prevent accidentally turning it on in the toolbox.

PIXA headlamp under water.

Water resistance

PIXA headlamps are waterproof and remain completely operational even after complete immersion: degree of protection IP 67(more info about the IP index).

ATEX and HAZLOC marks on the PIXA.

ATEX and HAZLOC certifications

PIXA headlamps are also designed for use in explosive environments.

ATEX standard: lamps usable in gaseous (Zone 2) and dusty (Zone 22) environments.
More info about the ATEX standard.

HAZLOC standard: (except PIXA 3R) lamps usable in gaseous (Class I Div 2) and dusty (Class II Div 2) environments, or in uncontaminated environments.
More info about the HAZLOC standard.

Certification valid only with alkaline batteries.

Chemical resistance test.

Chemical resistance

In order to guarantee reliable functioning in aggressive environments, these headlamps have been tested for resistance to a number of substances.