PIXA, headlamps with constant brightness

Constant lighting pictogram

PIXA headlamps provide constant brightness which ensures stable lighting performance for the entire burn time: light output and distance do not decrease over this period.

Example: PIXA 3 performance

The first lighting mode of the PIXA 3 allows close-range work. Performance is as follows:

PIXA 3 performances.

  • Lighting distance = 15 m
  • Battery life = 12 h
  • Light quantity = 30 lumens

From the first minute to the twelfth hour of use in this lighting mode, the lighting distance will always be 15 meters, and the light output will be 30 lumens. After that, the lamp uses reserve lighting, adequate for completing a task or for getting to a place where the batteries can be changed. This function exists for all PIXA headlamp lighting modes.

Comparison with headlamps without constant brightness

Headlamps without the regulation feature provide their brightest light for only about twenty to thirty minutes. The light output then decreases progressively until the batteries are depleted.

Lighting curves comparison.

Double the burn time without loss of performance

By replacing your PIXA headlamp's alkaline batteries with lithium ion or rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries, you can double the burn time of your headlamp, with identical lighting performance (however, the ATEX and HAZLOC certifications will no longer be guaranteed).