Registration has been open for a week and there are already almost twenty teams from around the world signed up for the 2014 Petzl RopeTrip. France, Switzerland, and Brazil plan to host national pre-series events where the winners will earn their ticket to Sweden.

2012 Petzl RopeTrip

Teams already registered for the 2014 Petzl RopeTrip

  • SG-02 - Singapore
  • Vertical Rescue College - Germany
  • Verevkin Spb Team - Russia
  • Passe-partout - Sardinia
  • AiRAS - Taiwan
  • Evpator - Moscow 1 - Russia
  • MAPAGAMA - Indonesia
  • Klätterservice AB - Sweden
  • Dzerjinec - Russia
  • MIAOE - Hungary
  • SG-01 - Singapore
  • Altimum - Switzerland
  • AlpAccess - Romania
  • E.T.H - France
  • ALTI-DELTA - Algeria
  • Beerenberg - Norway
  • Evpator - Moscow 2 - Russia
  • Skydive Facade Cleaning Co. - United Arab Emirates
  • Indorope - Indonesia
  • Altuver-Sector Vertical - Espagne
  • Team Füge - Germany
  • RATBOC - Poland
  • Aplomb - France
  • Formation Travaux en Hauteur - France
  • WYSOKOSCIÓ - Polska
  • Kleiber-Tec - Deutschland

Register for the 2014 Petzl RopeTrip >>


En route to the Petzl RopeTrip

© PETZL/ Géroudet Championnat de France CordistesIt is Petzl's pleasure to pay for team Aplomb, who won the French national championships, to participate in the second edition of the Petzl RopeTrip that will take place in Uppsala, Sweden, from May 29-31, 2014.



National-level events

France, Switzerland, and Brazil plan to host national pre-series events. You can sign up to participate: winners will earn their ticket to the 2014 Petzl RopeTrip in Sweden!


In France: the 2014 French Rope Access Championships


In Switzerland: the Swiss National Petzl RopeTrip Series


In Brazil: the Brazil National Petzl RopeTrip Series

  • May 24, 2014, in Piracicaba - organized by Spelaion.
  • Info to come on >>




Quiero participar como

Quiero participar como espectador

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