On August 3rd and 4th, 2013, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) held its annual International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) on the beautiful Center Island in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

James Kilpatrick competing at the 2013 ITCC
James Kilpatrick competing at the 2013 ITCC. Photo: © Michel Goulet / Petzl

Thousands of spectators came to watch more than 60 arborists competing in five preliminary challenges: Aerial Rescue, Belayed Speed Climb, Secured Footlock, Throwline, and Work Climb. The top five men and three women in these challenges then squared off in a Masters' Challenge race through the tree, ringing bells positioned around the canopy.

Petzl attended the competition and sponsored the Speed Climb challenge. Many of the tree climbers used Petzl gear as they ascended into, moved within, and descended from the trees -- from helmets, to saddles, ascenders, rope grabs, carabiners, and more. 

Demonstrating a pickoff at the Petzl both at the ISA trade show in Toronto
Demonstrating a pickoff at the Petzl both at the ISA trade show in Toronto. Photo: © Nathan Williams / Petzl

After the competition, Petzl moved indoors, to the ISA tradeshow. At the Petzl booth, professional arborists Jared Abrojena and Maurice Pilotte demonstrated SRT and partner rescue techniques. 

As always, the show was a great chance for Petzl to interact with end-users from Canada, the US, and other countries, to answer questions and get feedback on equipment, techniques, and more. We are proud to be a part of such a vibrant and enthusiastic community! Until next year...


 ITCC Masters' Challenge Winners:

1st - Scott Forrest, New Zealand Chapter / Nicki Ward-Allen, New Zealand Chapter
2nd - Jonathon Turnbull, UK/I Chapter / Anja Erni, Swiss Arborist Association
3rd - James Kilpatrick, New Zealand Chapter / Veronika Ericsson, Sweden Chapter
4th - Mark Chisholm, New Jersey Chapter (US)
5th - Giovanni Ugo, Italy Chapter


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