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Ultra-powerful multi-beam headlamp with remote rechargeable battery

  • Headlamp keeps the hands free for work: may be worn on the head with the headband, or mounted on a helmet (ALVEO or VERTEX) with removable plates (included)
  • Very high capacity battery may be moved to the waistbelt (case and mount included) to minimize the weight carried on the head

  • Constant lighting: guaranteed lighting performance that does not diminish during the entire rated battery life

  • Switches to reserve lighting when rechargeable battery is almost discharged: lights to 43 lumens for a minimum of 2 hours

  • Four modes adapt lighting to the activity:
- low intensity mode: wide beam with relatively low intensity favors a long battery life and prevents blinding others

    - close-range work mode: wide beam with intensity adapted to comfortable close-range vision
- movement mode: mixed beam offers a focused component for easily moving around
- distance vision mode: highly focused beam for spotting (maximum range)
  • Simple and comfortable to use:

    Rotating selector knob is easy to use, even with gloves, allowing quick access to the different modes:

    - quick connection system makes the battery easy to remove

    - front and back comfort plates with adjustable elastic headband for an excellent fit on the head

  • High-capacity remote rechargeable battery pack:

    - 5200 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery offers excellent performance at low temperatures

    - energy gauge allows monitoring of battery's charge level

    - light flashes to signal switch to reserve lighting mode
- charger included; quick charge in 5 hours for frequent use

  • Rugged:

    - excellent resistance to falls, to impacts and to crushing

    - waterproof (to -1 m for 30 minutes) and dustproof (IP 67) No maintenance required after immersion