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October 30 - November 7, 2010, Petzl RocTrip is coming Mexico - Centered primarily around the climbing at Jilotepec (Jilo for short), the area first saw climbing in the 1960s, when a small group started ascending the larger formations using trad techniques. A handful of climbers bolted routes there in the decades that followed, but serious development didn't begin in earnest until 2000, when a group who called themselves the Fondo de Escalada Súper Pobre (FESP) started to bolt sport routes in the basaltic conglomerate cliffs. Today, Jilo is home to over 120 sport routes, ranging from 5.9 to 5.14 and including many unclimbed projects. "There is potential to bolt new routes and new sectors," says Javier Serratos, a local climber who works with Alta Vertical blank, Petzl's Mexico distributor.

Petzl RocTrip in Mexico will bring together the local climbing communities, helping to expand the popularity of the sport in the region and encourage young and new climbers to embrace climbing. Local climbers and area developers in Mexico have enthusiastically promoted and helped bring Petzl RocTrip to their crags. In addition, Petzl, AltaVertical, and our Partners in Mexico will be bolting dozens of new routes for this event, leaving a lasting legacy in the area.

Check out this article on Mexican climbing on blank for some excellent images and information.


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+Sign Up Now!

Registration is now open!lick here to register at a discounted rate and get a free special-edition Petzl RocTrip Mexico T-shirt! blank


Marta Puig on El Chaneque (5.12a), El Huevo, Jilotepec, Mexico. Photo: Andrew Burr


+ Cost of Admission and Schedule

Click here to download a program of activities

PRICE: $20 Dollars ($200 Pesos) for Pre-Registrations blankand $25 Dollars ($250 Pesos) for On-Site Registrations.

Fee includes:

  • Special-edition Petzl RocTrip México 2010 collectors T-Shirt: FREE FOR FIRST 300 REGISTRATIONS!
  • Official Wristband: your entrance ticket to events and your ID to win prizes and receive discounts.
  • Petzl DVD: Best of Climbing Movies 2.0
  • Admission into presentations by Petzl athletes Lynn Hill, Joe Kinder, and Dave Graham, plus Lunada and the bonfire at Rancho de Guzmán in Jilotepec on Thursday, Nov. 4th
  • Admission to the RocTrip FIESTA on Saturday, Nov. 6th 
  • Discounts and promotions in hotels, restaurants and other local businesses
  • Access to camping in Jilotepec




YOGA sessions with Petzl Team at Montetaxco – Free for Montetaxco guests Sat-Sun; 7:30am Maggie Smith

Saturday, Oct. 30
10am - 5pm Open climbing & Ultimate Routes, El Chonta
8:30pm Presentation 1: Lynn Hill
Video: Evolution Tour, Philippe Ribière (Free access, Taxco Zócalo in front of Santa Prisca Church)

Sunday, Oct. 31
10am - 5pm Open climbing & Ultimate Routes, El Chonta
8:30pm Presentation 2: Saïd Belhaj and Special Guest Héctor Ponce De León at Hotel Montetaxco. Stay at Montetaxco for Free entrance; 100 seats available. Reservation mandatory.

Monday, Nov. 1
Free day Open climbing at El Chonta or Jilo for RocTrip visitors
Team takes a break to visit Taxco surroundings and commutes to Jilotepec

YOGA sessions – Free everyday at Las Peñas; 8-9:15am Maggie Smith

Tuesday, Nov. 2
10am - 5pm Open climbing & Ultimate Routes, Las Peñas Dexcaní Alto
8pm Show: Prehispanic Ritual in celebration of Día de Muertos, Rancho de Guzmán (Free for registered RocTrip visitors with official wristband)

Wednesday, Nov. 3
10am - 5pm Open climbing & Ultimate Routes, Las Peñas Dexcaní Alto
8pm Presentations 3 & 4: Liv Sansoz & Nina Caprez (Jilotepec Municipal Theatre) BOOK IN ADVANCE (Fee $100 pesos / $10 US dollars); Only 80 seats

Thursday, Nov. 4
Free Day - open climbing at Las Peñas for visitors
7:30pm Presentation 5: Joe Kinder
Lunada and Bonfire after Joe’s presentation, Rancho de Guzmán (Free for registered RocTrip visitors with official wristband)

Friday, Nov. 5 – CLINICS day
10am - 3pm Clinics and Gear Demo presenting PETZL gear and LA SPORTIVA shoes
(Las Peñas Dexcaní Alto) - Clinics limited to 12 participants BOOK IN ADVANCE ($400 pesos / $40 US dollars, INCLUDES LUNCH)

  • Belay Technique: Whitney Boland/Christian Ehlert
  • Strategy for Competition Climbing: Daniel Woods/Mauricio Huerta
  • Climbing for Women: Lynn Hill/Orquídea León
  • Climbing for beginners: Saïd Belhaj/Javier Canché
  • Gear Demo PETZL and LA SPORTIVA with team athletes (Free)

7:30pm Presentations 6 & 7: Eva Martínez – alpinist from Jilotepec; Dave Graham – professional climber (Jilotepec Convention Center)
9pm Video: Progression, J. Lowell / P. Mortimer bigUPproductions

Saturday 6
10am - 4pm RocRally:  Everyone, every level… welcome to live the experience!
Limited to 60 participants (Free, but registration and official wristband are mandatory). Climb in a fun contest with the Pros and friends all day long, earn points and win a prize!

7pm Gran FIESTA RocTrip!! Music, videos, tons of fun …

  • Prehispanic dances
  • Mexican Mariachi starring Casandra (local athlete and singer)
  • DJ Lafouche & DJ Saïd mixing Real Vinyl!



  • Vehicle access is limited to 1km from Las Peñas (walking distance); get together with your friends in one car, park at the Football field and take the hike.
  • Sorry, no pets allowed (to avoid dogs fighting or leaving “mines” around climbing/camping sites)


+Jilotepec Climbing Info:

  • Rock type — basaltic conglomerate
  • Climbing style — routes from face to overhanging composed mostly of crimps and pockets. Lines range from short (35 feet) and bouldery to long (150 feet and pumpy).
  • Number of routes  — 120-130, with lots of potential for further development.
  • Main areas — The main formation is called El Huevo, which includes about 50 routes in multiple sectors (Megasesino, Día de Campo, Frenesí, Las Hadas, etc. Other zones include Mecánicos (about 13 routes), Sal de mi (About 10 routes), and El Circo (about 11 routes).
    Visit blankfor more information on climbing in the area.
  • Setting — Jilotepec climbing is situated in a picturesque oak forest and is located about 40 miles northwest of Mexico city. It's only 15 minutes by car from the small, scenic town of Jilotepec blank. People visit the area for hiking, camping, or picnics, but the primary user group is climbers.


Javier Serratos on La Venus de Milo (5.14a), at the Día de Campo sector. Photo: Gustavo Vela Turcott


+Petzl Athletes Attending

Among the Petzl Team athletes who plan to attend RocTrip Mexico to give clinics, climb, and put their heads together to complete the specially equipped Ultimate Routes are: Dave Graham, Nina Caprez, Lynn Hill, Loïc Gaidioz, Martina Cufar, Michael Fuselier, Saïd Belhaj, Philippe Ribière, Liv Sansoz, Daniel Woods, Lisa Rands, Joe Kinder, Steve McClure, Emily Harrington, Sean McColl, Chris Lindner, Jon Cardwell, Whitney Boland, Alizée Dufraisse, and more...


+Where to Stay

In Taxco: Click here to download a list of hotels and other businesses in Taxco offering deals for Petzl RocTrop participants.

In Jilotepec: There will be camping availabe in Dexcani Alto. Click here to download a list of hotels and other businesses in Jilotepec offering deals for Petzl RocTrop participants.


A general view of Las Peñas, at Jilotepec. Photos: Gustavo Vela Turcott


+About Petzl RocTrip

For nearly a decade, Petzl RocTrip has brought together members of the international climbing community in celebration of our sport. RocTrip is about fun -- climbing, contests, clinics, music, parties, and more -- but it’s also about making a difference. Past RocTrips have helped replace old bolts and put up new routes in the areas they've visited. RocTrip also helps raise funds and awareness for local and national access issues, and has even paid off leases on climber-owned areas, as was the case with a 2007 RocTrip in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge.

“One of the most fun things about Petzl RocTrip is the interaction between the Petzl athlete team, which includes many of the world’s best climbers, and the other members of the climbing community,” says John Evans, Petzl Marketing Director. “It illustrates that everybody shares a passion for this sport and brings us all together on common ground.” At RocTrip, Petzl Team members also compete with eachother, trying to tackle Ultimate Routes, which are climbs chosen especially for their beauty and difficulty. “Watching the team go to work on Ultimate Routes is always spectacular. Really impressive stuff,” says Evans.

For more on RocTrip, particularly the 2008 trip, to Zillertal, Austria, check out this Urban Climber article. blank

Past RocTrips have been held in Millau, France (2002); Bishop, California (2002); Millau, France (2003); Gunks, New York (2003); Millau (2004); Sheffield, England (2004); Squamish, British Columbia (2005); Millau (2006); Kalymnos, Greece (2006); Red River Gorge, Kentucky (2007); Millau (2008); Zillertal, Austria (2008)

RocTrip also tends to generate a lot of media. RocTrip videos are especially well known throughout the climbing community. Visit the Petzl TV section of this site of a larger selection of videos. Here, a few select videos from recent Petzl RocTrips.

+Petzl RocTrip videos


RocTrip Zillertal, Austria, 2008
RocTrip Red River Gorge, Kentucky, 2007 RocTrip Kalymnos, Greece, 2006




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