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Durable sling with STRING for use as quickdraw

The AXESS sewn sling, equipped with a STRING, is a simple, durable solution for beginner and casual climbers looking for reliability.

  • Durable construction
  • Lower end equipped with STRING to hold the carabiner in position and protect the webbing from wear
  • Available in two lengths (12 or 17 cm)

Designed for:

Material(s): polyester webbing, rubber STRING
Certification(s): CE EN 566, UIAA

Reference(s) C40A S12
Length of sling 12 cm
Strength 22 kN
Weight 16 g

Reference(s) C40A S17
Length of sling 17 cm
Strength 22 kN
Weight 22 g

Made in CN
Guarantee 3 years