2002: Bishop, USA

« Mandalas and Wild West »

Bringing the idea to the USA

Having proved a success in August in France, the concept is exported to the US with a few adaptations. The chaotic Buttermilks granite boulders (near Bishop, California) are already famous but the area needs funds to create parking and thus maintain access for climbers.

A new, truly North American concept: everyone is invited to climb as much as possible to fill a score-card and thus generate a donation by Petzl to the Access Fund, an organization working to maintain access to climbing sites. The more problems that participants send, the more Petzl helps the Access Fund. Chris Sharma is among the participants, along with other American climbers like Dave Graham, Joe Kinder, Luke Parady, Lisa Rands, Jason Kehl, Obe Carrion, Emily Harrington… To meet the challenge, a solid European delegation joins them: Tony Lamiche, Jérome Meyer, Daniel Dulac, Liv Sansoz, Pedro Pons, Mauro Calibani, Josunne Bereziartu, Stéphane Julien….

On Day One, several centimeters of snow cover the site... It's gonna stick! The temperature rises a little and the horde of beanie-clad climbers descends on The Mandala, Chris Sharma's legendary V11. There would be hundreds of attempts, a few great sends and of course the first sit-start send of The Mandala by Tony Lamiche. In the evening, the whole happy band gets together for Chris Sharma and Timmy O'Neil's slide show.

During the event, the Petzl team manages to send daily updates and videos of the Petzl RocTrip from the cybercafé in Bishop in order to share the experience with connected climbers around the world. In the end, Petzl will contribute $8,000 to the Access Fund.




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