South Africa

Mike Horn

Mike Horn - photo © coll. Mike Horn
  • 16 July 1966
  • Switzerland
  • Degree in Sports and Human Movement Science Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
  • Professional adventurer. Explorer
  • 1998

My favorite saying: We can make our dreams come true.
«I have completed some quite exceptional feats of endurance, determination and courage, which have pushed my own limits, if not that of human beings and their dreams. My experiences with oceans, rivers and mountains, of marshland and tundra, of ice, jungles and deserts are unquantifiable. Aquatic activities are my favorite. Over the last ten years, I have spent a long time in the equatorial jungle of the Amazon and in the Arctic. Out there, I feel totally at one with nature and the elements – it's the only way to survive. You have to respect nature and its inhabitants and learn from them. The biggest life lessons I have learned have been from the Amazonian Indians and the Inuit peoples of the Arctic. I have the utmost respect for the explorers of times past such as Admundsen and Jacques-Yves Cousteau. In my profession, first and foremost as a solitary adventurer, what matters most is determination coupled with great mental capacity and strength. I get my energy from God, my family, my close team and my circle of friends.»

Today: transmit
«I would like to transmit a maximum amount of energy to the younger generations by taking them on expeditions with me, to give them the opportunity to explore. I would like to share my experiences with them and show them that you can learn through exploration, and through this learning, take measures to preserve our planet's natural resources.
This is the aim of the YEP Pangaea youth explorers program. These young people are the future. This program could become an important environmental project in the future. Having such an in-depth knowledge of nature, I am afraid of what the future holds. There will be many more things on the planet that we'll need to preserve, such as life.»
«What will I do next? I don't know, tomorrow is another day. I live from one day to the next. Each second of every minute counts. I am happy with what I'm doing and don't want to change a thing. I just need 36-hour days.»
«To conclude, it's better to try and fail than to fail to try. The impossible only exists until we find a way to make it possible.»

picto plus Major ascents

- Amazonian Expedition, 1997.
Non-motorised solitary crossing of the South American continent: left the Pacific coast on foot – summit of Mt Mismi – source of the Amazon River – navigated the river on hydrospeed – reached the Atlantic coast after six months of autonomy.

- Latitude Zero, around the world on the equator, 1999.
An 18-month voyage: left Gabon (west coast of Africa) – crossed the Atlantic to Brazil on a 28-foot trimaran – crossed Brazil and Ecuador on bike, canoe and on foot – crossed the Pacific Ocean reaching Indonesia via the Galapagos Islands – crossed Borneo and Sumatra on foot – crossed the Indian Ocean – crossed the African continent on foot (Congo, Gabon).
- Around the world on the Arctic Circle, solo, 2004.
A solitary voyage of two years and three months without motorised transport (boat, kayak, ski kite and on foot) on a 20,000km odyssey: left North Cape in Norway – Greenland – Canada – Alaska – Bering Strait – Russian Siberia – reached North Cape.
- North Pole, February to March 2006 with the Norwegian explorer Borge Ousland.
A first, a 60-day voyage on skis without dogs or motorised transportation during the Arctic night dragging pulkas: left Cape Artichesky in Russia – arrival at the North Pole.
- Gasherbrum (Pakistan) 2007.
Summit of Gasherbrum 1 (8035m) and Gasherbrum 2 (8068m) without oxygen.
- Broad Peak (Pakistan) 2010.

picto rss Other informations

- "Latitude Zero", éditions XO Paris (translated into English, German, Italian, Czech, Korean, Romanian, Estonian)
- "Conquering the Impossible" (Arctic expedition) editions XO Paris, (translated into English, German, Czech, Korean, Romanian)
- "À l’Ecole du Grand Nord", éditions XO Paris
- "Objective: The North Pole by Night", éditions XO Paris
Films, videos
- "Latitude Zero"
- "Le voyage intérieur de Mike Horn" (The Inner Journey of Mike Horn)
- "4 x 8000 metres"

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picto featured Mike and the Petzl team

«The Petzl spirit of adventure has supported me since 1998. I am an ambassador for this brand, which gives me the chance to dream and to make these dreams a reality. My projects are a good communication platform to transmit the values of Petzl products.
Petzl makes the tools that allow me to do my work to the best of my ability. For me, the link between Petzl and the hardships of my adventures is clear. At the level I'm performing, I am handing my life, my safety over to the reliability of the equipment. I'm often on a knife edge. For example, on my last expedition to the North Pole in 2006, my survival would not have been possible without the head torch that lit the way for three months in unimaginable temperatures.»