Josune Bereziartu

Josune Bereziartu - photo © Rikar Otegui
  • 19 January 1972
  • Basque Country, Spain
  • Semi-professional athlete
  • 2002

A life close to nature and a search for truth.
«My climbs are moments of my life that I want to live with intensity. The mere fact of attempting a route is already the beginning of the journey, and the journey doesn’t always end in success. Success is important but not as important as appreciating the road you traveled to get there. I am a persevering person. I’m fully committed to the choices I make. If I don’t achieve my objective in the end, it’s not the end of the world. At least I know I did everything I could to make a good attempt. I am passionate and I love living life with passion.»

Living close to nature
«I discovered climbing by accident while watching a program on Spanish T.V.  Two girls were climbing in the Verdon Gorge. I was captivated and surprised. I wanted to try this new sport right away. It was like a door opening onto everything that hadn’t existed for me before. I love landscapes that have contrasts. I live in San Sebastian in the Basque Country between the mountains and the ocean. It’s an amazing place in a natural environment with climbing spots as well as the sea. In the same way, and for the same reason, I love Japan and its culture.  I would love to reread "The Sea of Fertility" by Yujio Mishima. If I wasn’t a climber, I’d be a sailor...»
Try, try and try again
«That means constantly pushing your limits. I don’t know how to say no. I am open to anything. Climbing and the mountains have taught me to be patient. I want to carry on playing with the limits. It’s no fun having nothing to overcome. Limits are what make me enjoy climbing. Having said that, when I complete 9a routes I realize I am living my life to the fullest.»
Josune’s anecdote
«A few winters ago, I was climbing in the Riglos, a strange climbing spot in northern Spain. The car broke down. We went to a garage that we knew and he gave us a courtesy car. We arrived at the cliff late and the days were short at that time. We attached the car keys to a shoe lace and then tied them to the harness. By the sixth pitch it was dark and the last two pitches were true adventures. Every anchor I came across was a real savior. Once we reached the summit, we put on our shoes to come down and we got lost many times. Slightly preoccupied, we eventually reached the car. Keys? Where are the car keys? They must be at the foot of the wall, no? We couldn’t get into the car so we determinedly went to get the keys from the foot of the wall but we found nothing. The keys could only be on the summit of Visera. Tired, we walked up to the summit on a footpath and when we got there, there were the keys exactly where we’d put on our shoes. At three in the morning, we headed back home.»

picto plus Major ascents

Sport climbing
- Araotz, Spain – “Honky Mix“ (8c+), 2000
- Andonno, Italy – “Noia“ (8c+), 2001
- Saint-Loup, Switzerland – “Bain de Sang“ (9a), 2002
- Baltoza, Spain – “Na Nai“ (8c+), 2003
- Saint-Loup, Switzerland – “Bimbaluna“ (9a/+), 2005
- “La Travesia De Arroita“ (9a)

- Grandes Jorasses (Mont-Blanc massif, France) – “Walker Spur“
- Grand Pilier d’Angle (Mont-Blanc massif, France) – “Cecchinel-Nomine“

HATZ PUNTAK, 2003, “published just after I climbed my first 9a“.

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Josune Bereziartu sends "Bain de Sang" 9a - photo © Rikar Otegui