Florence Pinet

Florence Pinet profile - Photo © Florence Pinet
  • 3 March 1986
  • Provence, France
  • Nursery assistant
  • 2009

Pushing the limits
«I am a climber who loves more than anything to have a good time climbing with a great group of friends. I love to push my limits and climb fantastic routes in order to experience the beautiful movements and figure out the sequences. I love all kinds of climbing: sport climbing, boulders, big routes and especially onsight climbing. As long as it’s climbing, it’s great!»

«My favorite area is Buoux in the Provence region of southern France. I started climbing when I was six years old. I climbed everything I could and I’ve never stopped since. I’ve always done a lot of sports and I need that. I don’t like to feel closed in. I love nature and spending as much time as possible outdoors. I like the wild side, sharing, the fighting spirit, climbing a big, vertical wall like Infinity Lane in the Gorge de la Jonte at the RocTrip at Millau, France.»
«When I’m on the rock, I love to focus on my emotions and feelings rather than following some prescribed method. I like to become one with things. It’s interesting to me that what pushes me the most is the variety of movements each line offers and to use my own skills to pull them off. I am always looking for something new at every spot I visit.

To be successful at what I do I must focus all my efforts and determination. According to the rules of the game, if not the rule of life, my motto is: to have fun above all else. My dream is to travel to climb the most beautiful routes in the world, and to discover everything there is on Earth.»

picto plus Major ascents

- 2nd place, French Championships 2001 (14-15 year olds, lead climbing)
- 2nd place, World Cup 2004 and 2005 (junior, lead climbing)
- French Champion 2007 (bouldering and speed climbing)
- 2nd place, French Championships 2007 (lead climbing)
- Double French Champion 2009 (bouldering and lead climbing)
Sport climbing
- Tarn (France) “Tenessee” (8b) 2009
- Ceüse (France) “Le chirurgien du crépuscule” (8b) 2009
- Seynes (France) “Dinosaure” (8a+) 2009
- Olympos (Turkey) “Gangster” (8b+) 2009
- Annot (France) “Le front du macaque” (7c boulder) 2009
- Cimai (France) “Tréblinka” (8b) 2010
- Buoux(France) “Bout’chou” (8b+) 2010
- Verdon (France) “La Ramirole” (8a+/8a/8b/8a+/7a+) 2010.

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picto featured Florence and the Petzl team

«I dig all the RocTrips that are organized with so much passion and where the beauty of nature coincides with sharing. All the climbers there are always in a great mood. I try to convey the best image possible, along with a spirit of openness, thanks to my motivation to climb.»