Dave Graham

Dave Graham - photo © Sam Bié
  • 10 November 1981
  • Boulder (Colorado, USA)
  • Professional climber
  • 2008

An accomplishment
«I started climbing when I was 15 years old at an indoor wall and quickly moved on to bouldering and outdoor sport climbing. One day I counted how many climbing spots there are in the world and realized straight away how happy my life was going to be. Strangely enough, when I started I had no idea how much climbing would bring to my life. I wanted to go to university, become a hockey player and start a punk rock group. But now my climbing has become an extension of myself. Climbing enriches my life and connects me to millions of people with the same passion, spirit and determination.»

11 years of uninterrupted world travel
«I’ve always been inspired to learn foreign languages. They are a great way to broaden my horizons and expand my sense of reality. My goal is to continually progress. My motivation as a professional climber has been to climb the routes that have so inspired me through articles and photos in magazines. And also to develop these sectors. I am passionate about studying lines, cleaning boulders and opening new routes. My favorite places in the world are the Alps, the area around Montpellier, France, the Valais and Tessin regions in Switzerland, and Catalonia in Spain. I’ll also add the east coast of the United States and Colorado where I now live.

All of these places have had a big influence on me and the people I have met have shaped my character and taught me so many things about myself. As a young American, I had a strong connection to the ocean and the local fishing areas. As I grew up, it was really clear where my heart would take me. My intuition led me to the Alps, where the countryside offered incredible inspiration in terms of energy and art. When I return to the States, I try to use the experiences from traveling to appreciate where I come from and get new inspiration and make new connections. That’s how I work. Life is a workshop that constantly evolves.»
Whole days devoted to a single move
«I dedicate a lot of energy to exploring new spots where I can develop new moves to solve different problems. It’s awesome to discover new routes that require me to experiment with new ideas. Climbing for me seems to be the most creative of all sports. Inspiration hits me continuously and in a somewhat chaotic manner. It makes me happy and gives me the energy to start of the process of fulfilling my dreams. In order to succeed I have to stay open-minded and focused. I am pretty much obsessed with finding solutions to challenging problems. I can spend whole days working on a single problem.»
Creating my company “The Island”
was a turning point in my life

«The goals of my company:

  • Create a meeting point for climbers to share experiences
  • Create a platform to help a growing international community
  • Continued training for climbers
  • Explain the climbing lifestyle to non-climbers
  • Develop new climbing areas with 9b+ routes and 9a bouldering
  • Show my artistic view of climbing
  • Explore the opportunities for professional climbers in general
  • Produce films, explore photographic imagery and the power of words
  • Maximize the resources of the internet
  • Travel around the world with a really strong team: Jon Cardwell, Cooper Roberts, Daniel Andrada, Chris Sharma, Chad Greedy, Joe Kinder, Luke Parady, Jamie Emerson and Daniel Woods…»


picto plus Major ascents

- Cresciano (Tessin Swiss) «The Story of Two Worlds» (8c+) 2005
Sport climbing
- Frankenjura (Germany) «Action Direct» (9a) 1st American ascent 2001
- Ticino (Swiss) «Coup de Grace» (9a+) 2005

picto rss Other informations

Films, videos
- «A Kalymnian Experience» (extracts from the Kalymnos Rock Climbing Festival) 2004
- «The Best of Laurent Triay» (first ascents in France and Switzerland) 2004, 2006
- «King lines» on Apple website
- «The Island Volume 0», Production Island, 2010.
- «The Island Volume 1», Production Island, 2011.

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