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Steep gulleys, ridges, couloirs, diehedrals, cornices and open bivies, etc. Mountaineering with a capital "M"... Mountaineering videos: Holtanna Antarctica, Azazël in Pakistan, Cerro Torre, Ski patroll of La Grave resort, Outdoorgames... Videos with altitude and attitude!








Cerro Torre isn't in the

Cerro Torre isn't in the Torres del Paine Massif. One is in Chile and the other in Argentina!

Cerro torre

Cerro Torre is in Argentina, in El Chalten, where the Fitz Roy is too.

I like to climb in

I like to climb in Patagônia. I want to go El Chalten next year.

Does anyone know what the

Does anyone know what the songs in this film are? I have tried multiple times to identify them to no avail all suggestions are welcome.


Songs of movies

Which song are you talking about?
Please mention the name of the movie and the exact timing (as we have a lot of music in our videos...)
For info, all the track's name, the artist's name (and most of the time the website) are mentionned at the end of each film.
The Petzl team


I am interested in the Song you used in the Scotish Ice Trip. It is at about 7:40.
Thank you


The song is from eKoman "This is a dream"
You can listen to it here:

The Swiss team did extremely

The Swiss team did extremely well in the PDG last year, and we also enjoyed the spectacular show from the Patrouille Suisse – the alps were beautiful and then you have these roaring synchronizing jets – what else do you need to make you smile?

Great movie about La Grave!

I enjoyed watching Ski Patrollers of La Grave, particularly because I had the good fortune of going skiing there over 10 years ago - the terrain there is simply astonishing for the expert skier and yet the village there is just small and unassuming which probably keeps the 'resort' crowds away. No wonder Doug Coombs eventually settled there, although very sad that he also lost his life in a ski accident there.

I was trained at the

I was trained at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, one of the renowned mountaineering institutes of the world which is situated at Darjeeling, India hot buns reviews. Here the HMI courses are highly subsidized. So you can learn mountaineering with the lowest cost! Regards.

good video

Why do you think you are permitted to use bolts? Every country has its own rules on bolts, Antarctica does not belong to anyone so I think you should ask UIAA first. It is totally ok to bolt a popular route on the crag, but a isolated place like Holtanna, no, you should have used nuts and cams.

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