Petzl'TV - Ice climbing

Cold temps, ice and snow... all ingredients for good times! Enjoy the Scottish Ice trip: "Looking for Nessie". The Québec Ice Trip, an icy trip to a cold Québec and the new line of ice tools video...






La meilleure vidéo de Petzl, tout simplement incroyable.

Soundtrack/ music

Can anyone tell me who made the music in this video, and maybe the names of the songs?
I love the rap style and lyrics and would really like to know where to get them :)

Music on the Quebec Video

The rap songs are from IRO Productions (names are on the credits). This is an original soundtrack, so it's not available commercially, but you can find other music from IRO Productions with this link :

Best regards
Petzl team

Awesome stuff!

I loved the video! My husband's an avid climber and I've already forwarded this video to him. Awesome work!

Music on Scottish Ice Trip in Ben Nevis

Petzl Team wrote: "This is an original soundtrack, so it's not available commercially"

That's really a pity! I'd immediately buy it.

Music of Scottish Ice trip

Hi Knut
You can send an email to eKoman ( to ask him the songs.
For the tracks on Jamendo, you can download it here
Best regards

My Cliffhanging Dream

This movie is truly incredible! I've always loved hiking. Esp after watching the movie The Cliffhanger when i was 7 yrs old i've always dreamed of ice capped mountains.

IRO Productions makes some

IRO Productions makes some really good music - and this video really is motivating me to take up ice climbing, seems like it would be a great work out and fun! :)

Scottish Ice Trip - Welcome to Banff!

I see that your film Scottish Ice Trip will be featured at the upcoming Banff Mountain Film Festival - that's great news! We look forward to seeing Ueli Steck in the film - he impressed us all when he spoke at the 2009 Banff Film Festival and it will be good to see him climbing on Ben Nevis.

hi i love the playing cards

i love the playing cards there is there any way i can get a pack like that

Amazing scenery, I actually

Amazing scenery, I actually live in the mountains, but it never sees to amaze me how beautiful it is.


someone can say who is the song that appears in 3:20 minutes (ice trip Quebec)


Hello Erik
The song is from eKoman and it's called "walk out".
You can contact the musician through his personnal website :
Best regards

are you sure that's the right song?

I think the previous person who commented meant a song from the beginning of the movie, starting at 3:20 and ending at 3:47. I also looked for this song, and listened to "walk out" - I think it's not the same.


Actually yes, the song is not "walk out", sorry about that.
The song is "the bright light", but it still has been made by eKoman. Go on his MySpace in order to ask him the song.
Best regards


I will do that!

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