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La Rambla, The Fly, The Mandala sit down start, Ganesh, Aubade, 50 Words for Pump, 8c+, 9a, 9a+, 9b......
Here's where to find videos of the hardest sends by members of the Petzl Team: Dave Graham, Gérome Pouvreau, Enzo Oddo, Tony Lamiche, Mickaël Fuselier or Chris Sharma...






Not to discredit Dave and his amazing climbing ability but if he on sighted FA this route, who and why were the bolts pre clipped with quickdraws?

Flash or OnSight

Hello Jake,

Thanks you for your email. I can see how it would be confusing. "The Arts du Vide" was originally set up to be the women's Ultimate Route at the Roc Trip – with the quickdraws pre-placed, ready for the redpoint (most people nowadays don't make much of a distinction between a redpoint and a pinkpoint in sport climbing). However, that particular route was wet at the time, so we chose another route for the women. Dave got on "Arts du Vide" anyway and did the route on this first try without falling, without beta, what most call an onsight (it could be argued that because he saw Mariona on part of the route that it was actually a flash – there are some zones of grey there).

I hope this clears things up. Please let us know if you have other questions.


The Petzl Team

Bravo on the excellent

Bravo on the excellent production value of this film. I’d gotten so used to amateur climbing vids shot with shaky hands and edited by teenagers I was utterly blown away by the quality you show here. Of course it goes without saying that the climbing itself is breathtaking and inspiring, but my hat goes off to the videographers and editor!

Nice Site

yup...excellent production, Nice site... I would like to put your link site to my blog.

The Petzl China Trip

Have seen that preview, the trailers. Back and forth on to the Petzl site for the China videos many times. Any idea when the series of videos will be posted? Have been excited and anticipating since the preview. It is Spring...



Blane J. Nasveschuk, DMD
Rutland, VT

Petzl RocTrip China

Hello. Thanks a lot for your patience. We are working hard on the editing and we are planning to have the final movie ready for first week of May (Week 18). Waiting this date, we will have a couple of surprises for the month of April : we will release the global photo gallery of Sam Bié, and also a short-movie of Daniel Dulac in "La Voie du Milieu". Stay tuned ! Best regards.

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