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Petzl TV - videos escaladeWelcome to Petzl TV, the home of all the Petzl videos!
This is where you’ll find all the climbing, mountaineering, bouldering, ice climbing and trail running videos. Not to mention the Petzl RocTrips, and the product-related and technical videos... Check'em out and feel free to leave a comment. Happy viewing!

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Presenting the NAO headlamp with Reactive Lighting Technology, the GRIGRI2, the LYNX, the QUARK, the NOMIC, the ANGE quickdraw and the CORE rechargeable battery...
> Petzl product and technical videos


VIDEO - mountaineering - photo Planet Big wallMOUNTAINEERING
Mountaineering videos: Holtanna Antarctica, Azazël in Pakistan, Cerro Torre, Ski patroll of La Grave resort, Outdoorgames... Videos with altitude and attitude!
> Mountaineering videos


VIDEO - climbing - photo Sam BiéSPORT CLIMBING
The Petzl team hits China, Mexico and Kalymnos limestone, Red River Gorge sandstone, Squamish and Zillertal granite and the grit around Sheffield...
> Sport climbing videos


VIDEO - hardest redpoints - photo Sam BiéCUTTING EDGE CLIMBING
Red-lining with the Petzl team: Enzo Oddo sends Aubade, Dave Graham flashes Les Arts du Vide. Chris Sharma sends the Infinity Lane and the famous La Rambla. Tony Lamiche on The Fly...
> Cutting edge climbing videos


VIDEO - Ice climbing - photo Tony LamicheICE CLIMBING
Scottish Ice trip: looking for Nessie. The Québec Ice Trip: an icy trip to a cold Québec.
The new line of ice tools video and more...
> Ice climbing videos


VIDEO - Petzl RocTrip - photo Sam BiéPETZL ROCTRIPS
If you don't know what Petzl RocTrips are, here's your chance to learn all about them. Petzl travels all over the world bringing climbers of all levels together for unforgettably fun times.
> Petzl RocTrip videos


VIDEO - Trail running - photo Manu MolleTRAIL RUNNING
Orienteering races in Sweden, the NorthFace Trans Gran Canaria in Las Palmas (Canary Island).
And the famous Mont-Blanc ultra-marathon...
> Trail running videos


VIDEO - bouldering - photo Stephan DenysBOULDERING
Gymnastic climbing on the little stones (and some not so little): Navalameca – the cult '70s flick, where climbers go back in time to another era. Also Melloblocco, Targassonic, X-Tones etc.
> Bouldering videos


VIDEO - TIKKA2 contest - photo Thomas VialletetTIKKA² CONTEST
All the videos created for the "The Power of Light" contest, based on the theme: What do you so with your headlamp?
> The TIKKA² - Power of Light contest videos



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videoThe Petzl music

All the music featured on Petzl videos are produced by independent musicians; often times the songs are especially written for a video. Don't hesitate to check the artists' websites and comment on their tunes. You can also listen to part of their songs for free by visiting our Petzl Soundcloud







A Slackline-Short Documentary : Watch this!

Hey liebe Petzl-Freunde,
auf der Outdoor in Friedrichshafen hab ich mit einigen von euch sehr lang gefeiert!

Hier nun das versprochene Video von der höchsten Hihgline in ganz..... ach ganz ehrlich, das ist doch egal oder?!

Watch, enjoy, rate!..
Ich freue mich euch vielleicht auf der ISPO wieder zu sehen?!

Bis denn,





I'm a music lover and I'm

I'm a music lover and I'm sure when I have spare time I'm going to watch and listen to their songs. I'm almost done with my job so i think that would be the time for spending my days listening such songs. Thanks a lot for this post.

I've found your site

I've found your site providing very useful information about roctrip, climbing, mountaineering, bouldering, aid climbing and trail running videos. I would like visit your site more often for its good content. Thanks for sharing information.

Great Site

I am really happy to visit this site. The videos of different adventures, provided here are really interesting. I hope if i could also include my Video of Bungee Jumping from Nepal

I am a passionate climber

I am a passionate climber and I am amazed that I haven't found this great resource for climbing videos sooner. The tutorials are great and the ones explaining are real professionals. I will try to make a short climbing tutorial at my video production Philadelphia studio and send it over maybe you will put it to good use.

Good Read

Your mountaineering videos has made me a perfect mountaineer. All your videos are filled with some new morale and techniques learning knowledge. This is amazing and fantastic.

As someone who didn't climb

As someone who didn't climb higher than a meter or two before the age of thirty, I needed good equipment and training to make up for my lack of experience. That's not to say I didn't learn this the hard way in my journey through mountaineering. For example, my first climb introduced me to the benefits of a head lamp. Holding a flashlight or trying to fasten it to my person just wasn't getting the job done. My friend who was with me still gives me a hard time about that one!

Now that I have been mountaineering for the past five years, I finally have the knowledge that only comes with experience. Yet, I understand the importance of always learning and keeping abreast of all the new gadgets and technological advances. Hopefully, I can learn something from other climbers here. Can't wait to get out of this heat, and up to the mountains soon!

removing the battery pack from the headband

I was recently given a petzl headlamp...I am an eyelash extensionist and need a portable light because I am doing more home versus shop/spa applications. The light is great but is there any way to remove the battery pack to keep it in a pocket ( or something close to the headband? The decreased wieght however slight would increase my comfort. Thank you & look forward to hearing from you. Sandy Bruns


Hello Sandy,

Thank you for your message, unfortunately there is no way to remove the battery pack, some lamps in our range are built specially with a detached battery compartment. On the other hand in our Tikka 2 range several models do not have a battery pack, the batteries are included inside the lamp and the product stays super compact and lightweight.



These videos are great, the ice climbing and sport climbing look so exhilarating! I want to try it. Thanks for sharing these I really like browsing through this content

Cave Wedding

Thank Petzl to make us feel save.

All wedding are similiar but every marriage is different...

Cave Jomblang wedding Arie & Ata.mpg

Nice Videos by Petzl'TV. we

Nice Videos by Petzl'TV. we can find here Roctrip, climbing, mountaineering, bouldering, aid climbing and trail running videos.

New comment

we can find here Roctrip, climbing, mountaineering, bouldering, aid climbing and trail running videos.

power of light

Please...!!! I wanna know who is the autor of the soundtrack of the clip "The power of Light"..? and where I can download this soundtrack... Thanks..!


Hello Marcos
The music is an original soundtrack specially made for the video, and you can not find it on the internet. Sorry about that, and thanks a lot for your support.

Petzl studio vol. 01

Hi, I would like to know how to get the "Petzl studio vol. 01". I like so much this project.
Thank you so much.

Studio Petzl v1

Hello Gustavo
Unfortunatly, the Studio v1 is not available anymore, but stay tuned for the volume3 release !
Best regards

They’re some of the most

They’re some of the most beautiful dunes I’ve ever seen, and if you go at the right time, you’ll be the only person there, or at least you’ll feel like you’re the only person there, which is the point.

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Petzl TV - All the videos | Petzl

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Petzl TV - All the videos | Petzl

When Ι originallу commented Ӏ clicked the "Notify me when new comments are added" checkbox and now each time a comment is аdded I
gеt thrеe e-mails ωith the ѕаmе comment.
Is there аny way you can remоνe рeoplе from thаt sеrvice?
Thanks а lot!


We have deleted the notifications, on the email adress you put on your previous message (the one If there is an other adress, please let us know in an other comment. We tried to reach you directly, but the email ( doesn't seem to work anymore. Thanks for your answer.
Best regards

nice work

This is a real piece of work. Congrats!

Make soundtrack available.

I really think the soundtrack is outstanding. Any chance at all of making it available for download? I know many people would enjoy! I would download it!


Use SoundDrain if you want to download it.

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