It's been some time since a I posted something here. Not much has been happening since last. I spent x-mas in Finland and since then it's been the 10 training sessions/week+music routine thats been dominating. And then I went to Morocco.

the l'ada, start of the ritual

in the middle of the trance ritual with m'allem Abdellkebir Merchane.

with m'allem Abdellatif, his small troup and my friend Said from TREQ -gnawa during our recording.

a short clip from my recording of m'allem Abdellatif. It will be part of short documentary I'm doing about different maestros.

Now Im back in Sweden after a week spent in Morocco. It's obviously TOO
short but I still managed to do what I came for. First up was the
moussem (which is kind of a festival) around Marrakech. I entered some
lilas (gnawa rituals) and also recorded the great master Abdellatif
"Sidi Amara". After I had a few days relaxing with my family in Rabat. 

trying to get some training done in the family house in Rabat -it's not vacation times yet, for a year...

The sun was out, around 20 degrees... Now I'm wrapped in a snowstorm in
northern Sweden, in Umeå, for gig with my old band Giddabros/Giddabush. I
guess you could call this travelling between extremes...