This is the story of a child suffering from the Rubinstein-Taby syndrome. Born in Martinique in 1977 of unknown parents, Philippe has always suffered from several malformations that have restrained his freedom of movement. But his perseverance and autonomy nevertheless enabled him to follow a "normal" and successful schooling. But having access to "normality" is not everything, and encouraged by his passion for challenges, Philippe discovered climbing in 1994. This sport enabled him to overcome his handicap and opened the path towards social integration and full recognition.

Philippe Ribiere
Philippe Ribière - Photo Stéphan Denys

Here is the preview trailer of his film "Evolution Tour" in preparation, showing Philippe's Tour of Europe.
This is a 12-month journey across Europe whose objective is to present extreme activities to disabled people, to meet the best climbers in the world (Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Fred Nicole, Adam Ondra, Lynn Hill and many others....), to organize conferences in the French embassies and to climb in the best European spots.


Month after month, follow Philippe's journey on his blog.
The long version of the film is currently being prepared... Stay connected!...
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Philippe Ribiere
Philippe à Kjugekull, Suède.